I hate being a girl sometimes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have came to the conclusion where i do hate waking up to an empty house but, i don't mind going home to an empty house. It's like, when i wake up and the whole house is dark and empty, it looks really scary and i end up thinking to myself "What's behind that door in the dark?" Btw, i'm still semi-afraid of the dark.

So anyway, today. GengStarz. Blehhh. 1st runner up. As usual. It's not like she's gonna read this but 'THANK YOU, PEIQI.' You did a good job trying to get us to sing. Properly. =]

It was slightly depressing after but it slipped out of my mind as the day goes on. Spent the other half of the day just sitting around and talking.

It's like 10 now and i haven't eaten, haven't packed, haven't even comb my hair. Lol. I need to move. FASTER.

Oh, and my greatgrandmother just got admitted into the hospital. =/ I hope she's alright.

&& i lovelovelove MY BIGBANG LAY. Wheee. Well, i have to say its not as.. happy as the one b4. But this makes ME wayyyy happier. Hee. Let me keep this for awhile b4 i get back to being more colourful. Or not.

Oh well. Off to pack now cos errm. It takes me quite some time to get all my things together. Ahh. 2moro's a bugger. I really really really don't wanna bring all my school stuff to Genting with me. Eesh. My mum's still suggesting i skip school. I might as well, right? Or i'm gonna have to sit through a 'nasyik'? competition or the 'Gubahan Bunga' competition which is just as bad. Besides, i bet a lot of them are gonna skip school. Aishh.

How laaa.

I'll be back on Sunday, with pics I hope. Till then..

Toodles. *stupid HSM*

Not a second i regret.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aishh. I'm beginning to really freak out. I've got like. tonnes of things to pack and i just want to sleep and BIGBANG. Hee.

Spent the whole morning at the gym. Again. My mum had this meeting and she left me alone at the counter priniting out a resit book with that creepy loud printer. And then there's all these uncles there drilling holes into the wall and doing i dunno what but it was sooo noisy, i nearly died.

So may finally came and i was so glad to get out of there and into her very silent car. Peace.

Reached PeiQi's house. It was so creepy. Her grandmother, i think, told us to just go straight up. And it was like super scary there. There was only one door closed but we can barely hear anything from inside. We finally decide to knock and then hid behind the wall. Haha. PeiQi came out. The funny thing is, when Joevy, WaiLynn and Sandra came, they did the exact same thing. LOL. And i saw how funny it was from inside the room to open the door to nothing. And finding them standing on the other side of the wall.

So we just sat around. Laughed. Top-ed. Went downstairs. Got the other song done. And then just practiced and practiced. All i keep saying is "We're not going to win." I'm probably just being way to doubtful. But then again, can't blame me. This is definitely not the best we can do. But whatever la. Like i said, we're not going to win. =p

Nvm. Had to stand outside on the road cos my mum didnt know where the house was and she kept yelling at me on the phone. Before it blacked out that is. Blehhh.

Oh yes. May has this like normal looking blue beanie. So jealous.

Couldn't help myself. Cannot see also. =]

It's not possible to forget,
But it's possible to ignore.

Don't hesitate.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So today. At WaiLynn's, we've figured out 1 song. And i have no idea what's gonna happen to the other. But nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Hmmm. And my mum's mad at me cos i answered her question wrongly? Geez. How am i supposed to know what type of answers you want. Besides, it takes time for me to process. Gimme a break.

Well, nvm. Lets hope i get there somehow 2moro. I need help, may! =/

Nvm. Right after i got into the car, went to eat lunch. Then after deciding to give up my day in jj 2moro, we headed home to clean up. Went to jj. And watched..

Yes, I actually watched High School Musical 3. I even watched the first movie 9 times. Seriously. Sighsss. As we were walking into jj, there was this family walking out and the kid was like "Never ever lalala (in some sing-songy voice)" and i was like "She definitely just came out of the cinema watching HSM."

So we went to get our tickets. Went to PDI to get my mum's collared shirts cos she refuses to wear the one's given to her at the gym. She says it's not classy enough. Or something like that. HAH. After trying on her shirts and while my sister and i were cam-whoring in the changing room, we suddenly realised that the movie was starting. Lol. So we hurried back up to the cinema.

Blah blah blah, sing sing sing. KISS. I was just thinking to myself "Finally, geez." But there was this kid sitting somewhere on my left went "YES!" out loud. I think the mum laughed so hard next to the kid. Maybe just some random aunty who just kept laughing really loudly.

This movie is definitely an upgrade from the past 2. Although the last song was a bit weird. And GAHHH i wanna kill the guy. He's so damn hot. At times. And the dancing's much better now, i wonder how the kids are gonna dance-along with it. LOL.

Enough with the HSM already. Lets get back to MY BAND.

WHEEE. My name is on his shirt! Well, not technically. But still.. 3 out of 4 letters are there. Besides, what other names can start with JIL? Jilu? Jile? Jila? Jilo? Jilp? Jilk? Jilm? No, JILL! Bwahahaha. I don't care, i'm just gonna keep telling myself THAT'S MY NAME ON HIS SHIRT!

And this. HAHA. THANK YOU. Again. You can be soooo cute at times. Maybe most of the time. =p

Lastly, R.I.P Ezzie's sheperd. You've made a difference.

Ain't never act stuck up or shady, one hundred percent all lady,
And this you know, she is so beautiful.

Cannonball into the water.

Sunday. Gah. I nearly died that day. Woke up. Went for training. Hee. Blablablabla. *smiles* Then there was me, coughing in the middle of training. Blehh. Nearly died jumping.

Went to my mum's gym for awhile. Did some leg workout and now i have muscle aches all over. Taught her how to use the bicycles and treadmill. Went to my aunt's place. To peel garlic. Aish. I don't like garlic. Stinks. Duh. Haha.

Went home to change and wotnot. My mum just refused to fetch me out to Extreme Park so i actually WALKED there. All the sacrifices i make for my dear friends. I was going to get a sun stroke or something.

After a mo, we decided to just bail and walk to Giant. Seriously, there is nothing there and the NovelHut sells clothe now. Lol.

Went to my apartment to play basketball, Shannon's dream come true. After awhile, before i practically melted into a puddle of goo in the middle of the court, i got them to go to the playground; WHERE THERE IS NO SUN.

Random pics :

I love you guys.

Monday. Can't remember what i did. But i remember waking up at 9, like who wakes up at 9 in the morning on a holiday? Went to the gym. Again. I think i'm gonna spend quite some time there starting next month.

Just sat there and drew lines on a manila card. My mum has like the most perfect handwritting. Sighs. So jealous-fying. So after i was done, i had nothing better to do so i turned on the tv. And watched.. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. dance-along. =.=

Genting. Here i come. I have no idea what to expect. =/

Heading over to WaiLynn's in a bit. Stoopid Gang Starz.

I love you, I love you not.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sighss. It's only been like a week after PMR and i'm sick. =/

I actually knew it was coming la. At that time, i did want to get sick. I just needed a break. But right now, i just want to have fun. I can barely talk or laugh without coughing after. Its sad. I want to laugh laugh laugh.

There are plans. But i doubt i can make any of them happen with the condition of my throat now. I hope i won't get my ten-year-old-sexy-voice back. Once is more than enough.

No junkfood, no ice-cream, no sweets, NO CHOCOLATE. =[

I'm beginning to look forward to the Genting trip again. Still dunno which jacket to bring. Must go and see see first. And i really want to go to KL this weekend and go to that old lady's shop on the 3rd floor of Berjaya. Hee.

And now i'm gonna Big Bang until i fall asleep.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes! I've finally fixed my blog. Ah. Took me about 3 hours. I'm quite new at this and i'm actually quite proud of myself. As you all can see, my blog is now really happy. =] Let's try to keep it that way.

Click on the "SHOUT" to get to my Cbox. And clicking on the leaves don't work, click on the word. When i first changed it, i spent about 30 seconds clicking on that lil green leaf thinking "What's wrong with this thing?" and then i clicked on the word and whacked my own head. =.=

Oh yes, the links. Remind me if i left you out. I can't remember everyone. Either that, or i purposely left you out. =/

Anyway, i purposely accidentally missed school today. Mainly was because i was too lazy and my throat is killing me. Not because i ate nonsense neither is it because i didn't drink water. I actually stayed up fangirling. LOL. Gah. They are so friggin adorable.

He's small and he bounces, he looks like a squirrel.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just realised that i always imagine stupid things about all the ppl i love. Whenever i'm thinking about someone, it always goes from how nice he/she's hair is to he/she dying. Aish. And then i'll end up whacking my head to get the thought out of my head. Lol. I've imagined ppl commiting suicide, drowning, getting kidnapped, getting hit by a car and etc. *just dying in anyway possible

It gets really horrible. Sighs. What's wrong with me la?

Nvm. I'm just gonna post really really short posts becos i don't think anything will happen since its after PMR. We're all just gonna go back to school and O.o at all the after-PMR activities.

Pic no. 1 : Lala-ness.
Pic no. 2 : Khobo?
Pic no. 3 : Random old pic of me being a pabo. =]
Pic no. 4 : Me and Jo. I'll miss you.

i really don't care.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've finally given up on Xanga. And finally, PMR is OVER!

It's already 2 days since after PMR and i can't believe i haven't blogged yet. YES, FREEDOM.
Right after the exam, I practically walked for like 7 hours straight in 2 different malls. Oh wait, there is only 2 malls in the whole of Ipoh that can be called malls. Pathetic lil city i live in.

The after-PMR thing's going really well. Hee. Now i can sleep all i want and BIGBANG all i want. Wheee. I'm like having a blogger's block right now. I cant think.

Nvm. Today. I woke up at friggin 9 on a friggin Sunday. To go to Kristal's house. To fetch me to the campsite. Gah. Why did i agree to do this? Well. There's a lot of there, for one. And THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NETWORK COVERAGE THERE. How am i gonna survive with 40 kids and no network coverage? Btw, I.DONT.LIKE.KIDS. Jo, please come. I need you!

The only thing there that's worth going for are those 8 lil puppies that came running at our feet the second they saw us. Too bad no pics, noone brought their phone down from the car. No network coverage, remember? Sighss.

Oh yes. In mall no.1, i saw ppl. Duh. But.. I saw THE BROTHER. In school uniform. Looks like gangster only. I was in denial until i left mall no.1 and went to mall no.2. He's so yeng la. HAHA. Forget it. I just had to mention it.

&& i also saw the used-to-be-mean-and-still-is-but-nicer-now-and-way-cuter-dude. Aish. I'm problematic. And please la. Jo doesn't have bad taste. A gay lawyer. Sounds good, no? =]

After that, went to youth. It was awesome. As usual. Went back to Kristal's house. To have a meeting. I didn't pay attention to half the meeting cos i was too busy eating. AND reminding myself that he's taken. HAHA.

The only bad thing about the after-PMR thing is that i eat. ALOT. Ahhh. And let me rephrase myself. I'm not going on a diet, i'm going to exercise. ALOT. =]

Until i get ANY pics from any of them ppl i went out with, this is going to be a very boring and GREEN blog. I'll probably fix it 2moro cos right now, i need to crash.

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