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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So today. At WaiLynn's, we've figured out 1 song. And i have no idea what's gonna happen to the other. But nobody seems to want to do anything about it. Hmmm. And my mum's mad at me cos i answered her question wrongly? Geez. How am i supposed to know what type of answers you want. Besides, it takes time for me to process. Gimme a break.

Well, nvm. Lets hope i get there somehow 2moro. I need help, may! =/

Nvm. Right after i got into the car, went to eat lunch. Then after deciding to give up my day in jj 2moro, we headed home to clean up. Went to jj. And watched..

Yes, I actually watched High School Musical 3. I even watched the first movie 9 times. Seriously. Sighsss. As we were walking into jj, there was this family walking out and the kid was like "Never ever lalala (in some sing-songy voice)" and i was like "She definitely just came out of the cinema watching HSM."

So we went to get our tickets. Went to PDI to get my mum's collared shirts cos she refuses to wear the one's given to her at the gym. She says it's not classy enough. Or something like that. HAH. After trying on her shirts and while my sister and i were cam-whoring in the changing room, we suddenly realised that the movie was starting. Lol. So we hurried back up to the cinema.

Blah blah blah, sing sing sing. KISS. I was just thinking to myself "Finally, geez." But there was this kid sitting somewhere on my left went "YES!" out loud. I think the mum laughed so hard next to the kid. Maybe just some random aunty who just kept laughing really loudly.

This movie is definitely an upgrade from the past 2. Although the last song was a bit weird. And GAHHH i wanna kill the guy. He's so damn hot. At times. And the dancing's much better now, i wonder how the kids are gonna dance-along with it. LOL.

Enough with the HSM already. Lets get back to MY BAND.

WHEEE. My name is on his shirt! Well, not technically. But still.. 3 out of 4 letters are there. Besides, what other names can start with JIL? Jilu? Jile? Jila? Jilo? Jilp? Jilk? Jilm? No, JILL! Bwahahaha. I don't care, i'm just gonna keep telling myself THAT'S MY NAME ON HIS SHIRT!

And this. HAHA. THANK YOU. Again. You can be soooo cute at times. Maybe most of the time. =p

Lastly, R.I.P Ezzie's sheperd. You've made a difference.

Ain't never act stuck up or shady, one hundred percent all lady,
And this you know, she is so beautiful.

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