Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've finally given up on Xanga. And finally, PMR is OVER!

It's already 2 days since after PMR and i can't believe i haven't blogged yet. YES, FREEDOM.
Right after the exam, I practically walked for like 7 hours straight in 2 different malls. Oh wait, there is only 2 malls in the whole of Ipoh that can be called malls. Pathetic lil city i live in.

The after-PMR thing's going really well. Hee. Now i can sleep all i want and BIGBANG all i want. Wheee. I'm like having a blogger's block right now. I cant think.

Nvm. Today. I woke up at friggin 9 on a friggin Sunday. To go to Kristal's house. To fetch me to the campsite. Gah. Why did i agree to do this? Well. There's a lot of there, for one. And THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NETWORK COVERAGE THERE. How am i gonna survive with 40 kids and no network coverage? Btw, I.DONT.LIKE.KIDS. Jo, please come. I need you!

The only thing there that's worth going for are those 8 lil puppies that came running at our feet the second they saw us. Too bad no pics, noone brought their phone down from the car. No network coverage, remember? Sighss.

Oh yes. In mall no.1, i saw ppl. Duh. But.. I saw THE BROTHER. In school uniform. Looks like gangster only. I was in denial until i left mall no.1 and went to mall no.2. He's so yeng la. HAHA. Forget it. I just had to mention it.

&& i also saw the used-to-be-mean-and-still-is-but-nicer-now-and-way-cuter-dude. Aish. I'm problematic. And please la. Jo doesn't have bad taste. A gay lawyer. Sounds good, no? =]

After that, went to youth. It was awesome. As usual. Went back to Kristal's house. To have a meeting. I didn't pay attention to half the meeting cos i was too busy eating. AND reminding myself that he's taken. HAHA.

The only bad thing about the after-PMR thing is that i eat. ALOT. Ahhh. And let me rephrase myself. I'm not going on a diet, i'm going to exercise. ALOT. =]

Until i get ANY pics from any of them ppl i went out with, this is going to be a very boring and GREEN blog. I'll probably fix it 2moro cos right now, i need to crash.

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