I hate being a girl sometimes.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I have came to the conclusion where i do hate waking up to an empty house but, i don't mind going home to an empty house. It's like, when i wake up and the whole house is dark and empty, it looks really scary and i end up thinking to myself "What's behind that door in the dark?" Btw, i'm still semi-afraid of the dark.

So anyway, today. GengStarz. Blehhh. 1st runner up. As usual. It's not like she's gonna read this but 'THANK YOU, PEIQI.' You did a good job trying to get us to sing. Properly. =]

It was slightly depressing after but it slipped out of my mind as the day goes on. Spent the other half of the day just sitting around and talking.

It's like 10 now and i haven't eaten, haven't packed, haven't even comb my hair. Lol. I need to move. FASTER.

Oh, and my greatgrandmother just got admitted into the hospital. =/ I hope she's alright.

&& i lovelovelove MY BIGBANG LAY. Wheee. Well, i have to say its not as.. happy as the one b4. But this makes ME wayyyy happier. Hee. Let me keep this for awhile b4 i get back to being more colourful. Or not.

Oh well. Off to pack now cos errm. It takes me quite some time to get all my things together. Ahh. 2moro's a bugger. I really really really don't wanna bring all my school stuff to Genting with me. Eesh. My mum's still suggesting i skip school. I might as well, right? Or i'm gonna have to sit through a 'nasyik'? competition or the 'Gubahan Bunga' competition which is just as bad. Besides, i bet a lot of them are gonna skip school. Aishh.

How laaa.

I'll be back on Sunday, with pics I hope. Till then..

Toodles. *stupid HSM*

Not a second i regret.

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