Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aishh. I'm beginning to really freak out. I've got like. tonnes of things to pack and i just want to sleep and BIGBANG. Hee.

Spent the whole morning at the gym. Again. My mum had this meeting and she left me alone at the counter priniting out a resit book with that creepy loud printer. And then there's all these uncles there drilling holes into the wall and doing i dunno what but it was sooo noisy, i nearly died.

So may finally came and i was so glad to get out of there and into her very silent car. Peace.

Reached PeiQi's house. It was so creepy. Her grandmother, i think, told us to just go straight up. And it was like super scary there. There was only one door closed but we can barely hear anything from inside. We finally decide to knock and then hid behind the wall. Haha. PeiQi came out. The funny thing is, when Joevy, WaiLynn and Sandra came, they did the exact same thing. LOL. And i saw how funny it was from inside the room to open the door to nothing. And finding them standing on the other side of the wall.

So we just sat around. Laughed. Top-ed. Went downstairs. Got the other song done. And then just practiced and practiced. All i keep saying is "We're not going to win." I'm probably just being way to doubtful. But then again, can't blame me. This is definitely not the best we can do. But whatever la. Like i said, we're not going to win. =p

Nvm. Had to stand outside on the road cos my mum didnt know where the house was and she kept yelling at me on the phone. Before it blacked out that is. Blehhh.

Oh yes. May has this like normal looking blue beanie. So jealous.

Couldn't help myself. Cannot see also. =]

It's not possible to forget,
But it's possible to ignore.

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