Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MY BABIESSSSSSSSSSS! They are so freakin hawt that words just don't comprehend.

LOL. My fav word for now. I just keep saying it. *hugegrin*

My life is (was actually, since its like sooooo many days since after i got it) so wonderful now. ITS AWESOME!

Technically, i have nothing to blog about since i really don't wanna rant about how i still do not want to talk to kids right now but i am still heading towards the campsite 2moro. Sighsss.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm so not into writing looong essay like stuff (eventhough its blogging) nowadays. Aishhh. & i was actually trying to recall all the stuff i've studied in the past 3 years for PMR and darn, i can't remember a single thing. Sigh. There goes my brains again when everyone's like tuitioning and here i am. Doing nothing.

Forget about the depressing stuff.

Aunty, you have a wonderful daughter. =]

This is me being retarded. =.=

From left : Joan, Cammie, ME, Jo. [lovelovelove]

Berjaya! Wheeee. BIGBIG poster. happyhappyjoyjoy. I'm going to be a much happier person waking up to them every morning. Hee. && we bought REMEMBER. Its so awesome since they have like those stickers of them inside, i never wanna use them. Tak sanggup. =/

I can't wait to get home and listen to it. Its not like i've never heard the songs b4. Its just different when its ORIGINAL. =]]] and now i'm broke.

So today. I went to umm Acts Church today. Its.. refreshing. Lol. Cos i felt like i havent been to church for so long. Sigh. And at the end, we have like.. a Pillow (Pink + Yellow = Pillow) Huddle. It was.. odd.

The day b4, we went to Sunway again. Seriously though. How many times can i go there? WITH NO MONEY some more. It was depressing. And we met up with (obviously), Kah Tsin again. && another 10 points for him. Because..

See that lil sign on his jeans, it says PRADA. Sighsss. Good for you, sista (again).

Heading back to Ipoh 2moro. FINALLY.


Your flight to the sky.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

GENTING. Wheee. There's nothing much to say actually. Its just.. genting. Point form, i'm too lazy.
+ It was cold.
+ The place was FILLED with lala ppl, its starting to get to me.
+ It just keeps raining and raining.
+ The escalators just hate us, it always stops when we wanna use it. Blehh.
+ Daddy was being nice, he let us go on more rides even after 3. He just sat around the whole day eating popcorn. Lol.
+ The Space Shot still scares me. =/
+ Clowns! Sooo.. uhh. Right. The first clown that i went up to ask for a pic. (another clown pic in another phone, next time la and i like the TALL clowns =] )
Me : Hey, can i take a picture with you?
Clown : *turns around and stares at me*
Me : *stares back at him trying to read his face which is not possible becos of all the make up but i figured he just looks bored*
Clown : What?
Me : Can i take a picture with you?
Clown : *nods, still looks really bored/annoyed to me*
It wasn't all that bad, there weren't many ppl despite all the lala's. Aishhh. I need to sleep.
Berjaya, here i come. *huge grin*

Twinkly eyes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Went to summit. Its like.. scary. There's nothing on the 3rd story and the ppl there are just.. freaky. So much for cheap shoe shopping. Sigh. So after awhile there, we've decided to just go to sunway. At Sunway, we met up with *ahem ahem*. HAHA. His name is ermm. Kah Tsin. Its so hard to stick his name in my head cos he just looks like a.. Joel? Lol.

These were actually taken the day b4 when we went to watch Madagascar 2. Its funny. I think. I dunno. I think i just lost my sense or humour. So. Being a sister *evilgrin*, i had to umm. evaluate. HAHA. Thumbs up for this one. The past 2 were just.. boring. Kah Tsin is.. 15. That's like plus point. He wears jeans. He's taller. He looks me in the eye. The past 2 were just like.. scared of me or something. They didn't even dare to stand next to me. Boo. && he's friendly, he talks. AND. He has twinkly black shiny eyes. Oh. And 1st impression, HE WINKED AT ME. I was like.. woah. Yay for you, sista! =]]

Aishhh. Kl isn't being a very nice shopping company for me. There's like.. nothing. Nothing that catches my eye anyway. Sigh. So depressing.

On our way looking for more appealing shoes, we decided to take pics. It's not very obvious becos apparently cannot see wor. So no bigger pics.

And we're all wearing the same flipflops or thongs as Anna calls them, in different colours. Lol.

And at Summit we found beanies. Wheee. To wear to Genting 2moro, to make up for me missing the trip. But still. Just a one day trip. =/

Its late, i gotta bathe, do my nails, and then get to bed. And in the middle of all that, I NEED BIGBANG!

Do you remember?

I just wanna remember.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wheee. In KL now. That's not the whee part. The whee part is, BIGBANG WON THE BEST MALE GROUP & ARTIST OF THE YEAR! My babysss. Ahhh. So sexxyyy. Lol. Sorry, random fangirl moment.

Kl's been quite alright i suppose. There's like soo much food everywhere. And again, my dad makes the most awesome-mest food EVER. And there's like so much chocolate in the whole fridge and everything i cud ever possibly want to eat can be found here. Sighs. I'm gonna get so so so fat when i get back from KL. And then i'm gonna spend as much time as i can working out (that's probably not gonna happen cos i am THAT lazy). Or something.

Sunday morning. Woke up to go to some shop near the market to uhh. i dunno. We just like stood there when the guy keeps talking and talking. && i'm so anti-sun right now. I never wanna be under the sun for more than 2 minutes. That's actually nowhere near possible since i live in freakin M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A. Oh wow, i actually know how to spell it. Lol. Sorry, i was just watching Bratz on DVD and they are so bimbo. In a good way if there's even such thing.

Outta topic ady. Haha. As i was saying, Sunday morning, after the market, went to Tropicana. To play pingpong. With my dad. And he's like.. good. Now i know where i get my interest from. Aishh. Now i never wanna stop training. && i was like playing, and some point i kinda sucked and i wishwishwish brother (or anyone else from training) was there to tell me what i was doing wrong. But sadly, nope. It was my dad. Haha. I'm not saying that it wasnt a good thing that he was teaching me. I just miss training so much. =/

And since i was too busy missing it, i forgot to remind them to take pics. So there's no pics of my dad playing. But there's a pic of us camwhoring (as usual) in the bathroom after playing.

"Freako nails!"
"Bimbo nails!"

Lol. And just because we had noting better to do, we played Mahjong. I won 5 rounds. Hee. Sorry, i just had to rub it in. =p

One last thing. You, 'identity starved bimbo', whatever game you're playing, you already lost, so get the hell outta my blog. You have to know us better than that to try to BE us.

I was on top of the world,
And alongside with me at the top,
was my girl.

He's so sweet. =]


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today. Went to school. Lol. Last 2 days, we'll do anything. Played hide and seek with the prefects. Too lazy to explain.

"Omgomgomg, my hands are shaking."
"Why are your hands shaking?"

"I dunno."

I'm so errm.. happy? for you, sayang. =]

Anyway. After school, went to JJ. And uhh. Watched Quantum of Solace. In the beginning, it was just.. boring. I think i was more focused on eating my popcorn than the movie. I forced myself to stop eating to pay attention to the movie. I don't even see a plot in the story. But that's probably because i didn't watch the past few movies. Doesn't matter. I'm not a Bond person.

Only 3 people's suppose to understand the pic. =]

Their such bad company laaa he's so into small/tight/tiny shirts nowadays. But i suppose his uhh "yeng-ness" makes up for it. Hee.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Right. Over with the happy stuff.

Today has been a thinking day for me. It's getting slightly depressing.

Issue no. 1 : Training.
Aishh. My mum's working again, Yay! That means i can't go anywhere anymore, Boo! I suppose its a good thing she's working again, it gets her outta the house and that means she won't steal my couch. Hee. On the other hand, since she started working, i wake up at like 9-10 something everyday. As in 9- 10 something AT NIGHT. I usually get my so called naps in the afternoon but when i wake up at 9, its not a nap anymore and i won't be able to sleep at night. Blehh. BUT. Because i wake up at 9, i keep missing dinner. Makes me thinner. =] The pro's and con's.

Major CON : I CAN'T GO FOR TRAINING. Ish. I just refuse to give it up. My love for the game is unexplainable. And this has really nothing to do with the brother(s). LOL. They just come in as a side effect. I want to LEARN and hopefully improve. It's just another 2 years.

Issue no. 2 : School's ending in 3 more days.
School has been boring but pretty awesome as well. 3 more days and suddenly its all over? Feels kinda sudden. And suddenly i'd lose my everymorningwakeupatsixandgotoschool rutine. Its scary. But i don't think i'd have time to think about it since i'd probably be everywhere during the hols. I can't wait to get out of Ipoh for awhile. Besides, i need my sleep. Hee. So not much of an issue anymore.

Issue no. 3 : Who's gonna get me outta my house?
This is related to issue no.1. I need to like uhh.. socialize. Not. && i need to celebrate. WITH GUY. How am i gonna go out during the hols? What am i supposed to do, spend my whole day in the gym? Thanks but, no thanks. Its okay to be lazy sometimes. Lol. Aiya. Nvm la. Solutions will come.

Depressing-nya. This calls for a "talk" with my mummy dearest. Hmmm.

I'm muttering to myself, words i cannnot say.

This can't be real.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I can't believe this. I can't believe this."
That was the only thing going round and round in my head when it was announced.

"And the winners are.."
"Are.. VIPs!"
*silence despite a few hands clapping*
*walks out to the front and starts screaming again*

Well. See all the *silence* parts? Hmm. Nvm laa. I think i'm getting quite used to it.

I can't believe it. Its sitting right next to me and i can't believe it. Okay. I believe it. =]]]

I don't plan to do a WHOLE summary on the very VERY long day. But uhh. We started off somewhere really slow. And we walked a really REALLY long journey to places i have never been to. And we crossed SOOO many roads. And i had my first ride on a public bus, it was really bumpy. After all those and we're all still alive, THANK GOD.

Here's a shoutout to ALL the people whom i love from the bottom of my heart and assisted me throughout the whole day whom most of them are probably never gonna read this. Special thanks to :

GOD. iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.

GUY. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. I'm so glad you were the one with me and nobody else. Your "football, football" determination has got you what you earned. And oh, thanks for that one stone you threw that hit the can. All in all, thanks for being there in the first place.

"I hate dogs when they come to me."
"Ohmygosh, there's a big pile of poop, don't step on it."
"Ohmygosh, there's a lot of flies here. I hate flies."

Hahaha. Me and Kristal must've gotten the cutest groupie ever. =]

KRISTAL. Your "We probably won't win but we CANNOT be last." has earned us victory! =]

MY BELOVED SISTER. Whom i just kept calling, who kept me posted, who gave me directions and told me which flower it was.

MY AWESOME DESKMATE who's supposedly been banned on account of excessive abuse usage of the interwebz. Thank you soooo much for all your googling. ilu.

CAMMIE. For more googling and actually taking the time to text me back.

MIKE. For the one-messaged moral support he konon-nya gave me.

BRANDON. For the existence of his phone (my sister's phone went out of batt somewhere in the middle of the race and i couldn't get in touch with her, so his phone came to good use)

ADAM. For answering his phone in the first place to tell me that he also has no idea what to look for.

JUDEE. For telling me that she was shopping. For nothing. Cos she was in Giant. LOL.

BIGBANG is VIP! *screams*

AND all else that has helped us. LOTSA LOVE <3

&& here it is..

The prize : iPod Touch! *hugesmile*

Us hobo-ing in front of Canyon.

In the bus. I kinda forgot to save guy's pic. =/
My lunch, thanks guy. Again.
And the day just ended with us looking for the lamb Mary lost. Blehh. Nvm. It was good and painful experience. My legs are like absolutely gone right now, i can't even straighten them and i'm practically limping around the house. Even my feet muscles hurt like crazy. I never knew the mucles on my FEET could hurt so much. But then again, i suppose it was all worth it. =]

LOL. I just got these pics from my mum's phone. We were helping her make labels for the lockers in her gym. And we couldn't resist.
Jill *hearts* TOP.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Top Top Top. Gawd he's so sexy. Eek. I think Jo's blog is slowly getting to me. =/
Today was.. oddly different. In a good way. I think i can get used to it. And now my mum's screaming at me.
I'm out.

Mrs. Hercules

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

India India, China China =]
Lol. Today was.. amusing. But i still absolutely disagree. Hmph. PROTEST!
This year's Miss MGS Competition : No comment.
This time i'm not being racist and i'm not choosing my friends but seriously.. the results are absolutely absurd. Eeshh. Do they have like hearing issues or eye problem or what? Geez. Isn't it somewhat obvious that she sounds horrible and whatever talent she had was not impressive enough? And i am not just talking about the winner becos i suppose she was pretty good despite the err.. man-shoulders. Lol. But the judges just like had all the places wrong. Blehhh.
I spent the whole afternoon Big Bang-ing as usual. NEW MV! Ahhhh. I practically just had this HUGE grin stuck on my face (still have it) and i just started jumping around and screaming like a crazy person when the MV started. It's a MUST WATCH!

The one i have is pretty blur. But my TOP still looks super HAWT. Gahhh. This video sends all the VIPs to heaven, they shouldn't be allowed to kill us all like that.

Now i need to go and watch it again for another 1438675897923157 times. XD

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