Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's been awhile and i finally get to blog.

There's not much to blog about since i've spent the past 3 days at my aunt's house. This is like my first time being in a Chinese funeral and there's like so many do and don'ts. Mainly just one that bothered me a lot. Apparently, we can only wash our hair b4 the ceremony prayer meditating thingy starts and we're only to wash it again after the whole ceremony ends, which is THREE days later. 3! I practically scrached my head the whole day. Aishh.

Well. I can say that i'm not sad that my greatgrandma is gone. But i do regret now that i didn't spend much time with her. At least she sopped suffering already. I have to believe that she's at a better place despite the fact that she wasn't a Christian. Amen.

Relatives from KL and S'pore came back. I jsut realised how much i missed all of them despite the fact that i was never all that close to any of them. It feels kinda nice to know that my family still kinda exists since they were all like far far away for so long. My uhh.. uncle? has a very nice personality. His gf must be a very happy person.

Some stuff i've learnt bout Chinese funerals :

1. Wear white shirt, black pants, no gold accessories. Duh.
2. Becos of the meditating prayer thing we all have to tie this string of red and white cloth around our waste and only with a one-looped ribbon.
3. Apparently, the more yellow colour paper thing we burn, the further she goes to paradise? I have no idea, that's how my mum explained.
4. We turn around when they're closing the coffin.
5. Noone's supposed to be sleeping or lying down when they close the coffin becos apparently, only one person's supposed to be lying down, which is obviously the deceased.
6. It's better not the cry when they start cremating. That one i duno why. *edit, my sister says because its a good thing she passed away old*
7. They give us this cloth tied with a red ribbon (with one loop also) to err wipe our tears.

There's more stuff we have to do but i don't feel like typing so much about this. But i know one thing for sure, i wanna have a Christian style funeral. My uncle came back and on the second day i think, he asked what we believed in now. I was actually thinking to myself "Why would he think that i'm not a Christian anymore?" But then again, i suppose he was just asking for the sake of asking.

And now there's this couple who leaves opposite us that are fighting or wotnot, it's really scary. Apparently, the guy threw the girl out and she's banging on the door and we can't see anything from our house. All the drama's of life. So fun eh. And my mum called the security guards to come check it out. Lol.

Anyway. In the midst of all that, we (my sister and i) were at the gym to help out. My mum refuses to teach that malay girl who works there, she can actually do all the stuff we're doing. After all, she's the one that gets paid. And we have to like do all the stuff. She just walks around in her slippers.

We did some decor and the labels for the lockers AND we pumped like 20 gym balls. It's tiring but kinda fun when you see that big flat blue/red ball inflate and then when you're done pumping it just bounces off. Soo cutee. Nvm. I'm being a lil weird.

Today. Skipped Hari Anugerah. Aishhh. I totally forgot all about it. But anyway, we went to get her ashes and then burried her at the cemetary. First time i saw my greatgrandfather (he died b4 i existed).

On the way there, my mum's car had some kinda problems and we had to crash in my aunt's car. She sent us back to my aunt's place so she cud go get her car fixed. Gah. That place is like.. hot. I don't think i'd be able to live there. Its like a natural sauna for the WHOLE day. With all the mosquitoes and all, i think i became quite good friends with the mosquito swatter thing. Its kinda fun.

Ooohh. I better go. Dinner time.

One last thing,


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