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Monday, November 17, 2008

Wheee. In KL now. That's not the whee part. The whee part is, BIGBANG WON THE BEST MALE GROUP & ARTIST OF THE YEAR! My babysss. Ahhh. So sexxyyy. Lol. Sorry, random fangirl moment.

Kl's been quite alright i suppose. There's like soo much food everywhere. And again, my dad makes the most awesome-mest food EVER. And there's like so much chocolate in the whole fridge and everything i cud ever possibly want to eat can be found here. Sighs. I'm gonna get so so so fat when i get back from KL. And then i'm gonna spend as much time as i can working out (that's probably not gonna happen cos i am THAT lazy). Or something.

Sunday morning. Woke up to go to some shop near the market to uhh. i dunno. We just like stood there when the guy keeps talking and talking. && i'm so anti-sun right now. I never wanna be under the sun for more than 2 minutes. That's actually nowhere near possible since i live in freakin M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A. Oh wow, i actually know how to spell it. Lol. Sorry, i was just watching Bratz on DVD and they are so bimbo. In a good way if there's even such thing.

Outta topic ady. Haha. As i was saying, Sunday morning, after the market, went to Tropicana. To play pingpong. With my dad. And he's like.. good. Now i know where i get my interest from. Aishh. Now i never wanna stop training. && i was like playing, and some point i kinda sucked and i wishwishwish brother (or anyone else from training) was there to tell me what i was doing wrong. But sadly, nope. It was my dad. Haha. I'm not saying that it wasnt a good thing that he was teaching me. I just miss training so much. =/

And since i was too busy missing it, i forgot to remind them to take pics. So there's no pics of my dad playing. But there's a pic of us camwhoring (as usual) in the bathroom after playing.

"Freako nails!"
"Bimbo nails!"

Lol. And just because we had noting better to do, we played Mahjong. I won 5 rounds. Hee. Sorry, i just had to rub it in. =p

One last thing. You, 'identity starved bimbo', whatever game you're playing, you already lost, so get the hell outta my blog. You have to know us better than that to try to BE us.

I was on top of the world,
And alongside with me at the top,
was my girl.

He's so sweet. =]

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