Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Right. Over with the happy stuff.

Today has been a thinking day for me. It's getting slightly depressing.

Issue no. 1 : Training.
Aishh. My mum's working again, Yay! That means i can't go anywhere anymore, Boo! I suppose its a good thing she's working again, it gets her outta the house and that means she won't steal my couch. Hee. On the other hand, since she started working, i wake up at like 9-10 something everyday. As in 9- 10 something AT NIGHT. I usually get my so called naps in the afternoon but when i wake up at 9, its not a nap anymore and i won't be able to sleep at night. Blehh. BUT. Because i wake up at 9, i keep missing dinner. Makes me thinner. =] The pro's and con's.

Major CON : I CAN'T GO FOR TRAINING. Ish. I just refuse to give it up. My love for the game is unexplainable. And this has really nothing to do with the brother(s). LOL. They just come in as a side effect. I want to LEARN and hopefully improve. It's just another 2 years.

Issue no. 2 : School's ending in 3 more days.
School has been boring but pretty awesome as well. 3 more days and suddenly its all over? Feels kinda sudden. And suddenly i'd lose my everymorningwakeupatsixandgotoschool rutine. Its scary. But i don't think i'd have time to think about it since i'd probably be everywhere during the hols. I can't wait to get out of Ipoh for awhile. Besides, i need my sleep. Hee. So not much of an issue anymore.

Issue no. 3 : Who's gonna get me outta my house?
This is related to issue no.1. I need to like uhh.. socialize. Not. && i need to celebrate. WITH GUY. How am i gonna go out during the hols? What am i supposed to do, spend my whole day in the gym? Thanks but, no thanks. Its okay to be lazy sometimes. Lol. Aiya. Nvm la. Solutions will come.

Depressing-nya. This calls for a "talk" with my mummy dearest. Hmmm.

I'm muttering to myself, words i cannnot say.

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