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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

India India, China China =]
Lol. Today was.. amusing. But i still absolutely disagree. Hmph. PROTEST!
This year's Miss MGS Competition : No comment.
This time i'm not being racist and i'm not choosing my friends but seriously.. the results are absolutely absurd. Eeshh. Do they have like hearing issues or eye problem or what? Geez. Isn't it somewhat obvious that she sounds horrible and whatever talent she had was not impressive enough? And i am not just talking about the winner becos i suppose she was pretty good despite the err.. man-shoulders. Lol. But the judges just like had all the places wrong. Blehhh.
I spent the whole afternoon Big Bang-ing as usual. NEW MV! Ahhhh. I practically just had this HUGE grin stuck on my face (still have it) and i just started jumping around and screaming like a crazy person when the MV started. It's a MUST WATCH!

The one i have is pretty blur. But my TOP still looks super HAWT. Gahhh. This video sends all the VIPs to heaven, they shouldn't be allowed to kill us all like that.

Now i need to go and watch it again for another 1438675897923157 times. XD

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