This can't be real.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I can't believe this. I can't believe this."
That was the only thing going round and round in my head when it was announced.

"And the winners are.."
"Are.. VIPs!"
*silence despite a few hands clapping*
*walks out to the front and starts screaming again*

Well. See all the *silence* parts? Hmm. Nvm laa. I think i'm getting quite used to it.

I can't believe it. Its sitting right next to me and i can't believe it. Okay. I believe it. =]]]

I don't plan to do a WHOLE summary on the very VERY long day. But uhh. We started off somewhere really slow. And we walked a really REALLY long journey to places i have never been to. And we crossed SOOO many roads. And i had my first ride on a public bus, it was really bumpy. After all those and we're all still alive, THANK GOD.

Here's a shoutout to ALL the people whom i love from the bottom of my heart and assisted me throughout the whole day whom most of them are probably never gonna read this. Special thanks to :

GOD. iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou.

GUY. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH. I'm so glad you were the one with me and nobody else. Your "football, football" determination has got you what you earned. And oh, thanks for that one stone you threw that hit the can. All in all, thanks for being there in the first place.

"I hate dogs when they come to me."
"Ohmygosh, there's a big pile of poop, don't step on it."
"Ohmygosh, there's a lot of flies here. I hate flies."

Hahaha. Me and Kristal must've gotten the cutest groupie ever. =]

KRISTAL. Your "We probably won't win but we CANNOT be last." has earned us victory! =]

MY BELOVED SISTER. Whom i just kept calling, who kept me posted, who gave me directions and told me which flower it was.

MY AWESOME DESKMATE who's supposedly been banned on account of excessive abuse usage of the interwebz. Thank you soooo much for all your googling. ilu.

CAMMIE. For more googling and actually taking the time to text me back.

MIKE. For the one-messaged moral support he konon-nya gave me.

BRANDON. For the existence of his phone (my sister's phone went out of batt somewhere in the middle of the race and i couldn't get in touch with her, so his phone came to good use)

ADAM. For answering his phone in the first place to tell me that he also has no idea what to look for.

JUDEE. For telling me that she was shopping. For nothing. Cos she was in Giant. LOL.

BIGBANG is VIP! *screams*

AND all else that has helped us. LOTSA LOVE <3

&& here it is..

The prize : iPod Touch! *hugesmile*

Us hobo-ing in front of Canyon.

In the bus. I kinda forgot to save guy's pic. =/
My lunch, thanks guy. Again.
And the day just ended with us looking for the lamb Mary lost. Blehh. Nvm. It was good and painful experience. My legs are like absolutely gone right now, i can't even straighten them and i'm practically limping around the house. Even my feet muscles hurt like crazy. I never knew the mucles on my FEET could hurt so much. But then again, i suppose it was all worth it. =]

LOL. I just got these pics from my mum's phone. We were helping her make labels for the lockers in her gym. And we couldn't resist.
Jill *hearts* TOP.

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