Twinkly eyes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Went to summit. Its like.. scary. There's nothing on the 3rd story and the ppl there are just.. freaky. So much for cheap shoe shopping. Sigh. So after awhile there, we've decided to just go to sunway. At Sunway, we met up with *ahem ahem*. HAHA. His name is ermm. Kah Tsin. Its so hard to stick his name in my head cos he just looks like a.. Joel? Lol.

These were actually taken the day b4 when we went to watch Madagascar 2. Its funny. I think. I dunno. I think i just lost my sense or humour. So. Being a sister *evilgrin*, i had to umm. evaluate. HAHA. Thumbs up for this one. The past 2 were just.. boring. Kah Tsin is.. 15. That's like plus point. He wears jeans. He's taller. He looks me in the eye. The past 2 were just like.. scared of me or something. They didn't even dare to stand next to me. Boo. && he's friendly, he talks. AND. He has twinkly black shiny eyes. Oh. And 1st impression, HE WINKED AT ME. I was like.. woah. Yay for you, sista! =]]

Aishhh. Kl isn't being a very nice shopping company for me. There's like.. nothing. Nothing that catches my eye anyway. Sigh. So depressing.

On our way looking for more appealing shoes, we decided to take pics. It's not very obvious becos apparently cannot see wor. So no bigger pics.

And we're all wearing the same flipflops or thongs as Anna calls them, in different colours. Lol.

And at Summit we found beanies. Wheee. To wear to Genting 2moro, to make up for me missing the trip. But still. Just a one day trip. =/

Its late, i gotta bathe, do my nails, and then get to bed. And in the middle of all that, I NEED BIGBANG!

Do you remember?

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