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Thursday, November 20, 2008

GENTING. Wheee. There's nothing much to say actually. Its just.. genting. Point form, i'm too lazy.
+ It was cold.
+ The place was FILLED with lala ppl, its starting to get to me.
+ It just keeps raining and raining.
+ The escalators just hate us, it always stops when we wanna use it. Blehh.
+ Daddy was being nice, he let us go on more rides even after 3. He just sat around the whole day eating popcorn. Lol.
+ The Space Shot still scares me. =/
+ Clowns! Sooo.. uhh. Right. The first clown that i went up to ask for a pic. (another clown pic in another phone, next time la and i like the TALL clowns =] )
Me : Hey, can i take a picture with you?
Clown : *turns around and stares at me*
Me : *stares back at him trying to read his face which is not possible becos of all the make up but i figured he just looks bored*
Clown : What?
Me : Can i take a picture with you?
Clown : *nods, still looks really bored/annoyed to me*
It wasn't all that bad, there weren't many ppl despite all the lala's. Aishhh. I need to sleep.
Berjaya, here i come. *huge grin*

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