Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008.
Things will change. =]

I'll do well.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"So how many a's?"
"Umm. None?"

I'd rather not hope.

"I'm so proud of you."
Suprised? Yes.
I was totally high today and there's more than that 1 reason la. Gonna spend my night with Chad and BIGBANG now.

Everything's gonna be alright, right?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

For the last time : Christmas.

I've been so indulged in kpop world that i have abandoned practically everything.
A lil guilty but i've lost weight, YAY!
And i still sleep from 4 to 2 everyday.

Gah i'm so scared.
Prayer works doesnt it?
Waiting for THE day to come.
Well, techinically im hoping it won't come but being an optimist (yea right), i need this over and done with.

"You shine brighter than anything else."


Thursday, December 25, 2008

This year's christmas has been the weirdest start of a Christmas i've ever had.
After the 80s party, we went to Kopitiam where i bumped into Joevy. =] And drank coffee. So i stayed up for the next 7 hours and went to sleep at 6 in the morning and woke up at 3 in the afternoon. Lol. What a Xmas.

Did nothing for the next few hours. Went to Patricia's house who's my mum's friend from Rotary. Blablabla. Nothing to do. Eat eat eat. Come home.

We (although i paid for the whole thing) bought this scarf for my mum as her xmas present =]
Our small and lame and dead Xmas tree on our friggin television with me on a gym ball. Can this xmas get any weirder?

MERRY CHRISTMAS for the last time!


It's CHRISTMAS and here i am blogging while watching The Phantom of Opera.


I realised i havent blogged in quite awhile.

Short form.

Went to KL. It was expected how it all went. Went to Sunway Lagoon with the gang and a fever. Blehh. It was pretty acceptable. =] I was gonna freeze to death and they still dragged me under the water. Blek!

This is such a happy pic, no? Hee. With wayne.

Without Wayne.

Wayne, Hong, Me. I was already burning up with the fever that time. Look so dead. =/ Aish. And wayne la. Won't smile. Hmph.

Sum, Me, Steven. This is such a hilarious picture, i laughed so hard when i saw it. LOL.

Next day, I was down with a fever. No pong, loving my new bat though. Never got a chance to use it. Sighss. Stupid fever la. Then i practically moped around the whole day with the jacket and the house is really cold when you're down with a fever. My whole face is practically dried up now. Christmas dinner at night. I didnt get to eat the chicken properly, can't taste nothing. =[
Then sit there talk talk talk.

Next day. Woke up nearly half dead and went out. To the lawyers office. It was 3 flight of stairs up and i was gonna black out or something. Sit there for awhile then come back down ady. SWT. And the bank. Sat there for soooo long while popo was talking and talking and talking about how i should ask daddy for money. Lol. We finally left. WENT HOME. Gosh. That was very troublesome. Because no parking and very hot so had to buy it back home wor. Major SWT. I think they've seriously never lived a hardlife b4. If they somehow grow older and poorer, they will die of the inability to brush their teeth after they eat cos no money to buy toothpaste and no aircon becos no money to pay for electric bill. Then see how you all gonna survive. Eeesh. No offence, but SERIOUSLY THOUGH.

Gee that was a very long thing that noone should read. Anyway. I finally got myself back here where i can sleep as long as i want with no chores to do and peaceful silence. No need talk so much wan laa. Save saliva. =/

Went to the COP 80's Christmas Eve Party. It was.. okay la. Maybe we haven't been there for quite sometime or something but it was really weird for me. Lol. We reached kinda late but then it was so scary that we sat in the car for very long b4 going down. Aishh. I nearly didnt want to go down at all. There's really nothing i can say about it. Pics come later.

My baby wishes ya'll a merry christmas!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today was a very FANGIRL day. Wheee. Thank you, Ikaru (she's never gonna see this) for trusting your ever precious DVDs to Kristal. =]

So i slept at 5 and woke up at 9 something. Gah. It's coming back to me. Insomnia. It's horrible. I.WANT.TO.SLEEP.

Went over to Kristal's and spent the next few hours screaming at her TV.
Off to Kl. Sighsss. Lets hope things turn out well. I'm probably gonna fill my blog with lotsa pics when i blog. Forgive me.

No ends

Monday, December 15, 2008

This is me blogging with my iPod LOL it's so cute a a so tiny my eyes are bleeding sorry no punctuation too lazy to get them and my iPods finishing by words for me so fun I'm dying bye bye.

I was on top of the world.

It's been boring boring boring. Haha. I see the same word on nearly every blog i visit. 

This is a lil late but i watched Transporter 3. And it was pretty cool i suppose. We happened to be sitting right under the air con or something cos i can feel all the cold air blowing on me, it was soo cold. Blablabla. I'm gonna miss all of you guys when you're all gone far far away

Went to the gym, meaning that lame-0 teeny weeny room with only 4 freakin machines inside, twice already. Hmm. Wonder if it made any difference. My sister is currently cleaning out her closet; PRO : i try them on, it fits, which means i have more clothes to wear. CON : that means i got fatter =/ 

Trying to tone down on the BIGBANGing nowadays so i could do other things, not that i want to. Whenever there's free time, i tend to let my mind wonder a lil too far and recently there's been alot of ppl reminding me that the results are coming out soon and i really really REALLY don't wanna go into science classes although there's really no other place i can go to cos econs are just not for me and then i realised that i'm gonna miss geo so much, take geo with me Ezz? That was a very long sentence. 

And since my dad told me that he was gonna get me a new pingpong bat, i keep getting random flashbacks about training which reminded myself how happy i actually was when i was still going. But i'll never improve and its so heartbreaking when the stoopid ball doesnt even cross the net. Aishh. But it took me alot to walk out of the place and realize i wont go back. Now that i've got a chance to go back, do i really want to? 

Oh blah. I have to stop ranting. 

This is such a boring post from a very boring me. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks to Wailynn, I got stuck on this for awhile. Seriously, i am THAT bored. I did sooo many but this one caught my eye. 

Your Reputation Is: Mean Girl
You rule through teasing and intimidation..
Yet, people would give the world to be your friend

I'm mean? =[ AIshhh. After all these years i've spent convincing myself that i was nice. LOL.


Wheee. Got a new hamster yesterday. Named her Junior. She's supposed to be a Sesame Junior. But i just call her Baby cos she's so small. She kinda nearly looks like Sesame. Can you see how tiny she is next to mango? Lol. So cuuuteee. Mango keeps bullying her so we had to put her in a seperate cage. And now poor Junior's sleeping in a basket. Aish. 

And this is me holding Sesame. Gah, i miss her so much. I hope she's somewhat alright. Sighss. 

Yes, I'm still very much a whore.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last night, my aunt called and asked if we wanna go to Camerons with them. Just a day trip. It felt good to just get out of the house and have wind messing up my hair. =]
At the cactus place. Lol. There's ALOT of cactus there.
Do re mi fa so.
Outside the cactus place. Lol, i'm such a tourist.

At the umm. "Sam Poh Chi" temple. There was some random popo talking to us there. And the thing is, we have absolutely NO idea what she said to us.

Then we went to the big playground which was muddy and gross but still quite fun. I climbed into that square thing and then they all surrounded me and it was getting scary so i told them to take a pic. =]

At the toilet of the temple. I love the lighting. Hee.

Picking strawberries. It was more like collecting strawberries. Cos they already picked all those nice nice ones and we went around searching for some ripe ones and there were none and so we took them from a basket that the workers already picked. That was a very very long sentence.

Please excuse the exessive pictures in my blog. Its the only way i remember what i actually did the whole day. And i'm really not into typing a lot nowadays and the pics really help tell the story. You guys are probably really bored of my face already. =.=


Monday, December 8, 2008


Pics pics and more pics.

Then i tried on the dress. This is how i look when i turn 30. 
"At least you KNOW how to look old."

And then my sister tried on the dress. 

Mummy tried on the dress. 

Still posing. 

My lil yellow dress? =/ This is supposed to be a sad pic. 

Spot me? =]

The bride. This was taken like.. at the ending of the whole dinner cos she was so busy the whole time. Too bad no pic of the groom, it's with the cameraman. 

Thats my cousins. I THINK that's Martina and Michelle. 

Me, Mummy, Joan. Okay. So she bought this blue dress earlier in the day and she was supposed to wear it to the dinner. And then while we were getting ready, she said that the dress was too hard to wear. So she wore this dress. And then we went back to that boutique and shee changed it for that other dress in the pics above. 

Me, MeiMei (that's what everyone calls her), Joan. If i had a more efficient camera, you'll see her very red face becos she was drinking. Lol.

Me, YanYee (the bride's sister), Joan. 

Random cam-whoring pic. 

Retard sister. She walked around with her hair like that for 3 hours. Everytime i looked at her, i just laugh. Hee. 

Mummy again. 

Look closer and you'd see the bride and groom kissing in the back. 



Me being sunny. How unlike me. Hmmm. 

This whole post is like.. upside down. Literally. Since blogger is such a pain in the arse, i refuse to move the pics around or type more becos who knows what'd happen to my post anyway. So sorry for the whole cam-whoring post though. 

I know i know, i'm such a whore. =] 

The Wedding.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The groom arrives. The doors are closed. Then he eats 'tong sui'. Which is something i also dont understand. Lol. And in the pic, he's writing on this card. To 'show his sincerity' kononnya.

After giving angpau to all the bride's girlfriends, he's finally allowed in. I got a glimpse of the angpau and i tell you, its NOT 'small'. If you get what i mean. =p So after he gets inside the house, he has to recite everything he wrote on that card to his mother and father in law to be. It was like.. hilarious.

After he gets a green light from the parents, he has to sing his way to the bride's room. && he just had to sing "You are so beautiful.. to me.", TaeYang's fav song to sing. Lol. Even this has to be related to BigBang. OH. And apparently, he sang it when he proposed to her. How sweet.

He finally gets the door open and ta-da! Here comes the bride. Then they kinda take a lot of pics inside the room.

And then they come out of the room. Lol. The groom is actually quite good looking. HAHA.

They go out. Smile and wotnot.

Then the "cham cha" session starts. Bla bla bla lotsa unknown relatives and more gold chains around her neck and more angpau recieving.

And that's my mum and aunt getting their tea. They refused to sit at first. It was weird.

Lalala.. Tea session over. Go outside, take family pic ( i haven't gotten the pics yet ) and then they head off to some kinda Japanese Church somewhere in Pengkalan and we didnt go. Boo.. So we stayed back and that's me just posing with my mummy. I look 5 years older than her. =/

That's me and my cousins from S'pore. The smaller 2 are twins, i still don't recognise them. They just look.. identical.

2moro's the wedding dinner. Whee. Getting hair done. I tell you, by the time my hair gets done i'll look another 10 years older. But well. Its just once in a lifetime. Besides, it's be nice to know how i'd look 10 years from now. Blehh.

My love.

Because i am so bored and i feel so empty, i'm gonna do a random BigBang post. But b4 that, let me relive my day in words. 

Slept at 4.31. Woke up at 10 something. SO EARLY LA. 

Got dressed up. Went over to my aunt's house. Had to erm.. serve tea to her and her husband to be. You know those "cham cha" stuff that chinese ppl do when the yet married? Yea, that.

 Anyway. Another weird culture i learnt today - If the younger sibling gets married first the brother (since the bride only has an older brother) will have to hang a pair of pants on the front door. Like seriously, just take some random pants that i think belonged to him and hung it on the top of the door. Too bad i didnt take a pic of it. Very weird. 

"Your wedding will be conducted in english."
"Of course!" 

Now i can't wait for my sister to get married. Looks so fun. Haha. Get to play with the groom. So whoever you are out there that wants to marry my sister, with a sister like me, you're DOOMED. *evil laugh* Sorry i'm scaring away all your future husband(s). 

Will blog and get pics from mum's phone about the wedding. When she comes back that is. =] 

Back to my BIGBANG. Hee.. 

This is MY baby and he has the world's most awesome-mest hair EVER. To TOP that, he's sooo.. dotdotdot that no words can describe. *HUGESMILE* 

Aishhh. MY baby's leader is forever sooo.. dorky. I love him anyway. =] 

HAHAHA. Retards! You've just gotta love them. 

They ALL never fail to make me smile. EVER. 

I threw away all the letters and pictures you gave me,
Even though its gone, it won't get erased on my mind.
I spend the night being paranoid, 
thinking you'd get erased as well

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