Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm back and i survived all the kids! YAY. =.=
There's really nothing much i can say about the camp. The camp made me feel so old and i realised that i don't like to lead. Its so much work and so much responsibility and i just was neer born a leader. So.. It was pretty weird that all the kids just kept calling me "Teacher" and they just kept coming to me with all their issues that are usually dealt by adults. It was good experience though.

As i was unpacking :

1. Pulls out junkfood "Aww. I miss them (kids)."
- The winning group was given a packet of junk food and sparkling juice. MY GROUP WON THE UMM. TREASURE HUNT! Lol. I just had to rub it in. =p So certain groups had extra junkfood and some of them gave me a few. =] Such sweet kids.

2. Pulls out towel "Wow. It smells like the campsite still."
- You know.. every campsite has their own weird scent.

3. Pulls out dirty clothes "Eeewww."

4. Pulls out clothes that i wore for the night hike "Eeii. The leeches pants."
- It was again a time where i had to lead. Well. It wasnt exactly leading but i had to like help all the kids up and it was weird since i was so used to being the one helped instead of helping others. On the way up, the kids behind me kept going "Jill, i'm so scared.", it was weird. There were certain parts that were so steep that it was just so hard to get up, one hand holding the torchlight and the other holding another kid's hand. && I GOT NO LEECH BITE! Whee.

5. Pulls out sport shoes "Thank God the leeched were on my school shoes instead."
- There were 2 leeches on my shoes but i didnt get bitten. Thank God! I was sooooo scared. To those who don't already know, i'm scared of like.. every single thing that's small and looks like a bug. Eeww.

That's Julie and Sarah. From my group. I miss them. =\

And bryan. Lol. Poor thing. I probably shouldn't elaborate on it. HAHA.

I'm out.

I miss my babies.

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