Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's CHRISTMAS and here i am blogging while watching The Phantom of Opera.


I realised i havent blogged in quite awhile.

Short form.

Went to KL. It was expected how it all went. Went to Sunway Lagoon with the gang and a fever. Blehh. It was pretty acceptable. =] I was gonna freeze to death and they still dragged me under the water. Blek!

This is such a happy pic, no? Hee. With wayne.

Without Wayne.

Wayne, Hong, Me. I was already burning up with the fever that time. Look so dead. =/ Aish. And wayne la. Won't smile. Hmph.

Sum, Me, Steven. This is such a hilarious picture, i laughed so hard when i saw it. LOL.

Next day, I was down with a fever. No pong, loving my new bat though. Never got a chance to use it. Sighss. Stupid fever la. Then i practically moped around the whole day with the jacket and the house is really cold when you're down with a fever. My whole face is practically dried up now. Christmas dinner at night. I didnt get to eat the chicken properly, can't taste nothing. =[
Then sit there talk talk talk.

Next day. Woke up nearly half dead and went out. To the lawyers office. It was 3 flight of stairs up and i was gonna black out or something. Sit there for awhile then come back down ady. SWT. And the bank. Sat there for soooo long while popo was talking and talking and talking about how i should ask daddy for money. Lol. We finally left. WENT HOME. Gosh. That was very troublesome. Because no parking and very hot so had to buy it back home wor. Major SWT. I think they've seriously never lived a hardlife b4. If they somehow grow older and poorer, they will die of the inability to brush their teeth after they eat cos no money to buy toothpaste and no aircon becos no money to pay for electric bill. Then see how you all gonna survive. Eeesh. No offence, but SERIOUSLY THOUGH.

Gee that was a very long thing that noone should read. Anyway. I finally got myself back here where i can sleep as long as i want with no chores to do and peaceful silence. No need talk so much wan laa. Save saliva. =/

Went to the COP 80's Christmas Eve Party. It was.. okay la. Maybe we haven't been there for quite sometime or something but it was really weird for me. Lol. We reached kinda late but then it was so scary that we sat in the car for very long b4 going down. Aishh. I nearly didnt want to go down at all. There's really nothing i can say about it. Pics come later.

My baby wishes ya'll a merry christmas!

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