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Monday, December 15, 2008

It's been boring boring boring. Haha. I see the same word on nearly every blog i visit. 

This is a lil late but i watched Transporter 3. And it was pretty cool i suppose. We happened to be sitting right under the air con or something cos i can feel all the cold air blowing on me, it was soo cold. Blablabla. I'm gonna miss all of you guys when you're all gone far far away

Went to the gym, meaning that lame-0 teeny weeny room with only 4 freakin machines inside, twice already. Hmm. Wonder if it made any difference. My sister is currently cleaning out her closet; PRO : i try them on, it fits, which means i have more clothes to wear. CON : that means i got fatter =/ 

Trying to tone down on the BIGBANGing nowadays so i could do other things, not that i want to. Whenever there's free time, i tend to let my mind wonder a lil too far and recently there's been alot of ppl reminding me that the results are coming out soon and i really really REALLY don't wanna go into science classes although there's really no other place i can go to cos econs are just not for me and then i realised that i'm gonna miss geo so much, take geo with me Ezz? That was a very long sentence. 

And since my dad told me that he was gonna get me a new pingpong bat, i keep getting random flashbacks about training which reminded myself how happy i actually was when i was still going. But i'll never improve and its so heartbreaking when the stoopid ball doesnt even cross the net. Aishh. But it took me alot to walk out of the place and realize i wont go back. Now that i've got a chance to go back, do i really want to? 

Oh blah. I have to stop ranting. 

This is such a boring post from a very boring me. 

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