My love.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Because i am so bored and i feel so empty, i'm gonna do a random BigBang post. But b4 that, let me relive my day in words. 

Slept at 4.31. Woke up at 10 something. SO EARLY LA. 

Got dressed up. Went over to my aunt's house. Had to erm.. serve tea to her and her husband to be. You know those "cham cha" stuff that chinese ppl do when the yet married? Yea, that.

 Anyway. Another weird culture i learnt today - If the younger sibling gets married first the brother (since the bride only has an older brother) will have to hang a pair of pants on the front door. Like seriously, just take some random pants that i think belonged to him and hung it on the top of the door. Too bad i didnt take a pic of it. Very weird. 

"Your wedding will be conducted in english."
"Of course!" 

Now i can't wait for my sister to get married. Looks so fun. Haha. Get to play with the groom. So whoever you are out there that wants to marry my sister, with a sister like me, you're DOOMED. *evil laugh* Sorry i'm scaring away all your future husband(s). 

Will blog and get pics from mum's phone about the wedding. When she comes back that is. =] 

Back to my BIGBANG. Hee.. 

This is MY baby and he has the world's most awesome-mest hair EVER. To TOP that, he's sooo.. dotdotdot that no words can describe. *HUGESMILE* 

Aishhh. MY baby's leader is forever sooo.. dorky. I love him anyway. =] 

HAHAHA. Retards! You've just gotta love them. 

They ALL never fail to make me smile. EVER. 

I threw away all the letters and pictures you gave me,
Even though its gone, it won't get erased on my mind.
I spend the night being paranoid, 
thinking you'd get erased as well

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