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Monday, December 8, 2008

Then i tried on the dress. This is how i look when i turn 30. 
"At least you KNOW how to look old."

And then my sister tried on the dress. 

Mummy tried on the dress. 

Still posing. 

My lil yellow dress? =/ This is supposed to be a sad pic. 

Spot me? =]

The bride. This was taken like.. at the ending of the whole dinner cos she was so busy the whole time. Too bad no pic of the groom, it's with the cameraman. 

Thats my cousins. I THINK that's Martina and Michelle. 

Me, Mummy, Joan. Okay. So she bought this blue dress earlier in the day and she was supposed to wear it to the dinner. And then while we were getting ready, she said that the dress was too hard to wear. So she wore this dress. And then we went back to that boutique and shee changed it for that other dress in the pics above. 

Me, MeiMei (that's what everyone calls her), Joan. If i had a more efficient camera, you'll see her very red face becos she was drinking. Lol.

Me, YanYee (the bride's sister), Joan. 

Random cam-whoring pic. 

Retard sister. She walked around with her hair like that for 3 hours. Everytime i looked at her, i just laugh. Hee. 

Mummy again. 

Look closer and you'd see the bride and groom kissing in the back. 



Me being sunny. How unlike me. Hmmm. 

This whole post is like.. upside down. Literally. Since blogger is such a pain in the arse, i refuse to move the pics around or type more becos who knows what'd happen to my post anyway. So sorry for the whole cam-whoring post though. 

I know i know, i'm such a whore. =] 

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