The Wedding.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The groom arrives. The doors are closed. Then he eats 'tong sui'. Which is something i also dont understand. Lol. And in the pic, he's writing on this card. To 'show his sincerity' kononnya.

After giving angpau to all the bride's girlfriends, he's finally allowed in. I got a glimpse of the angpau and i tell you, its NOT 'small'. If you get what i mean. =p So after he gets inside the house, he has to recite everything he wrote on that card to his mother and father in law to be. It was like.. hilarious.

After he gets a green light from the parents, he has to sing his way to the bride's room. && he just had to sing "You are so beautiful.. to me.", TaeYang's fav song to sing. Lol. Even this has to be related to BigBang. OH. And apparently, he sang it when he proposed to her. How sweet.

He finally gets the door open and ta-da! Here comes the bride. Then they kinda take a lot of pics inside the room.

And then they come out of the room. Lol. The groom is actually quite good looking. HAHA.

They go out. Smile and wotnot.

Then the "cham cha" session starts. Bla bla bla lotsa unknown relatives and more gold chains around her neck and more angpau recieving.

And that's my mum and aunt getting their tea. They refused to sit at first. It was weird.

Lalala.. Tea session over. Go outside, take family pic ( i haven't gotten the pics yet ) and then they head off to some kinda Japanese Church somewhere in Pengkalan and we didnt go. Boo.. So we stayed back and that's me just posing with my mummy. I look 5 years older than her. =/

That's me and my cousins from S'pore. The smaller 2 are twins, i still don't recognise them. They just look.. identical.

2moro's the wedding dinner. Whee. Getting hair done. I tell you, by the time my hair gets done i'll look another 10 years older. But well. Its just once in a lifetime. Besides, it's be nice to know how i'd look 10 years from now. Blehh.

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