All over again.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


You're probably never gonna see this but i'm still gonna blog it. =]

Sighsss. I'm back to sleeping at 3 and waking up at 2. I love my sleep. Hee.

Thanks to my mum, i've became absolutely antisocial. I haven't been anywhere but home on the same chair doing the same thing everyday. Sighs.

Bwahaha. I love this shirt. And you can probably already guess why. =]

And i really really really love my lion. No reason its on my head though. LOL.

You're messed up too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I should probably have a Happy Chinese New Year post like everyone else does but because i'm such a VIP, BigBang always comes first. =]

Today. 090128. 3rd day of chinese new year 2009. 1400. I watched MKMF 2007. At home. Address in confidential. On my 3 seater couch. Holding on the my lion. Squeling my head off since screaming is just a lil inappropriate. Clapping and jumping once in awhile. With my heart pounding like crazy. With a huge smile plastered to my face. Yes, i feel joy.


This post is actually nothing but because my fingers are so happy and a lil too obsessed, they just happen to type this whole post out. LOL.

The stoopid thing is subbed in chinese. CHINESE! We live in M'sia for goodness' sake, MALAY LA PLEASE.

In the meantime, my baby's so hot he has to wear a dinosaur on his head. Yes, you heard me right. A DINOSAUR. My soon-to-be obsession.


Alright. I'm done. Back to chinese new year. I can't believe i didn't wish my blog a


First day. Went to my dad's/grandma's place. It was so boring we had absolutely nothing to do and after a short discussion, we went to JJ. Suprisingly, i didn't meet anyone there. Hmm. Had nothing better to do so watched The Wedding Game. At least thats what i think its called. Had dinner at home and i didn't get to 'lou sang' this year. How miserable can it get. At night. Nothing to do. In conclusion, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. =.=

Second day. Woke up. Did nothing. Eat lunch. Waited till Jess came. Didn't get a single pic with her at all. So sad. I won't even know when's the next time i'll see her. She finally came while we were playing mahjong. Sat for awhile. And after a looong time, we went to Uncle Eric's house in Meru. It was fun? Had to go to the highway, got directions from him and finally reached his house. Sat there for another few hours and watched The Hollow Man. =.= On our way back, we kinda got lost and missed a turn so we took the highway to Simpang Pulai just to take a turn back to Ipoh. LOL. After dinner, again, we had nothing to do. In conclusion, Harry Potter : The Order of Phoenix. *major swt*

Third day. Woke up early. Went to Uncle Turkey's house (no that's not his name, thats just what everyone calls him last time). Sang karaeoke. LOL. We barely knew how to sing the songs there. "Ice ice baby, ice ice baby vanilla~" It was hilarious. Funniest rap song i've sang. Then went to play table tennis. And WaiLynn, you better read this : I watched my DAD serve KL style and the JOE style. But because he's 50, of cos not so yeng la. But still. HE KNOWS. As in seriously. He was trying to teach me but since i suck so bad, all i did was drop the ball a million times. Then i watched my dad and his brother (who happens to be his twin) play. And i assure you, they're GOOD. They'll like.. state player standard but they were not. I'm.. speechless. So anyway. After that we went back for dinner and to Gomei Square? to have supper.

Fourth day aka TODAY. Woke up for breakfast. And umm. Came home? Haha. I miss my bed soooo much. Finally got to go on9. Sighsss. Spent the afternoon BANG!ing. Went to aunt's house. Played mahjong again.


Tactic used by wives nowadays to keep their divorced-and-had-kids-husband at home and suprisingly, it works :

"If you go out tonight, they (the kids) will go home tonight. If you don't go out, they'll go back 2moro morning."
"Then i won't go out."

Gee. I mean. I know its an easy way to keep him home but using us? No, thanks. I'd stay out of it. We are NOT an ecxuse. But knowing my dad, i was suprised by his answer. I do really appreciate the answer though. I still don't think ppl change that easily.

My uncle's slightly mean and my dad really doesn't use the malaysian slang. Unless he speaks malay or something. Its hard but i shall start doing the same thing now.

My grandma thought TOP, Choi Seung Hyun was my BOYFRIEND for like.. a few seconds. HAHHAHA. happyhappyjoyjoy.

Pics will come later. In the meantime, i'm going back to BANG!
Excuse me for the really long post. Its been days anyway. =]

For you. From TOP.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Happy Bithday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday ERN HUI~"



A rose for the birthday girl.

Peace out. xD

The End.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

WaiLynn's Lessons when meeting KL *summarized* :-

Lesson no.1 - Eye contact. Passed.
Lesson no. 2 - Smile. Half pass half failed.
Lesson no. 3 - Say HI. Never happened.
Lesson no. 4 - Wait for Mayjet to come so you both can talk to him. She never came.
Lesson no. 5 - Hands around waist. *added today thanks to Shannon Dorothy* This is IMPOSSIBLE.


"Jill likes tall and cute guys."
"Shannon likes Irish guys."
"Wailynn likes KL guys."


You guys suck too.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

From left : JuDee, Me, Joan, Rachel, Thanush, Jenny, 3 of Mirosha's friends from KL, Mirosha.

Whenever you see JuDee, there is one thing that you MUST do : CAMWHORE xD

I was just sitting there listening to all the amusing conversations going on, and JuDee happened to aim her camera at me.

No pics from Becky yet. Probably wont update for the whole week again. But i think i will definitely update 2moro. Hee.

I'm tired.

Very tired. Sighs. School's getting worse and worse. For me only la. Everyone else seems to be enjoying it. A lil too much i must say.
It's been a whole week since my last update. I actually don't remember much on what happened.

Monday. Interact meeting. It was.. terrible. I have absolutely no public speaking skills. I NEVER wanna talk in front of a whole lot of ppl. Its terrifying. Went to the field and marched for the last 10 mins or so. Aish. GB sure won't win wan. *fingers corssed*

Tuesday. LOL. Missed school. Went back to school for n'gale practice though. I practically stood around the whole afternoon. Was too lazy to do anything. Then it started raining so we ended early. I hope it rains EVERYDAY.

Wednesday. Went for marching again. I feel like i've gone 10 shades darker already. So depressing. Headed to tuition after.

"Charming = Handsome = Alex Wong ( teacher's name)"

"blablablaMathblablaEXCUSE MEblablabla"

It was so hilarious. He just kept saying excuse me and i still dont know why but he was probably trying to get our attention although nobody was talking. Hmmm. So weird.

Thursay. Uhh. Can't remember when this happened and i bet it wasnt thursday but..

"What's enviromental friendly air con in BM?"
"Uhh. Pendingin hawa yang berkawan dengan alam sekitar."

Haha. I'm definitely FAILING Bm.

Friday. CF. I didnt even go for it. Bleh. Practice was terrible.

"Oohh. I wanna white my tag too. Do for me."
"Go to hell do yourself."
"I also want, do for me."
"Go to hell do yourself."
*moments later*
"O.O Sooo white!"

Definition of whiting our tags : Take a chalk and rub it over the tags and it becomes super white. LOL. We were a lil too high. Switched classes. I had no complaints at first. But when we got into the class, it was a very wth-ing moment. Uhhh. Disgusting class, no offence sc3.

Came home and slept for the whole afternoon. I was already so tired from the 6 days of school. Woke up and got ready for Becky's 22th early birthday party. Ate and blablabla. Went to Michi's house. Ate some REALLY spicy indian food. My lips were practically burning red. Pics come after.

Sunday/ Today. Went for training. And the coach finally showed up. I tell you, i've been there for about a year and he has NEVER taught me ANYTHING. I was telling my mum and as usual, she told me to quit. Today was terrible la. 2moro's comp is killing my mood. Random faling moment :
Gah he serve so yeng and he still LOOKS like he blows the ball b4 he serves but he probably doesnt i suddenly can't wait to watch them play but i still dont wanna go.

I wish time would stop.
Right here.
Right now.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its only the second week of school and i've already missed school for no apparent reason. Lol.

*jumps outta bed*
*checks phone for time and realises both phone has no batt*
*walks outta the room and stand in front of my mum's and sister's door (they're right next to each other)*
*few seconds later, door opens*
"It's 7.10."
"I know."
"Then how?"
"I'm going back to bed."
*walks back to room and plops on bed*

Sighsss. How am i gonna survive this year?

The Pong Post?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nah. It shall not exist. Hee.

First time back at training this year. Gah it was so scary my legs were shaking my heart was pounding my hands were cold and peeling. Lol. It was good though. Hee. I don't suck that much. Yet. Conviniently, the coach didnt come today. Aishh. So scary.

Thank God for a certain someone who made it less awkward. No new ppl who's already old ppl so that still makes us old ppl. I think. Yay. NVM.

Left training and went to the dentist. No punctuation from now on just because i want to.

Im extremely really terrified of dentists its just so scary whether it hurts or not he's like at your face and his hands are in your mouth and then once in awhile water will flow outta your mouth and my eyes were like rolling all over the place cos i cant actually just stare at his face right so i stared at the lil light that shines really really brightly at my face and then i stare at the light on the ceiling and then i stare and the exceptionally long fujitsu air con and then he's wearing the plastic thing to cover his eyes so the water wouldn't splash at him or something and when you look at it it reflects and you can see what he's doing which is really not a pleasant sight at all.

After sitting there for like A LONG TIME. We're finally done and got into the car. But thats not the end of pasting my butt to a chair. My mum decides to wash her hair. So we had to sit in the saloon for another 40 minutes or so. All i did was, as usual, BIG BANGING.

I just packed my bag for 2moro and i nearly died. The books are like twice as much compared to last year. It's going to be a long long day and my legs are already aching from training. I've decided to read the dictionary. Yes, i said the DICTIONARY. Everyday. I think. If possible.

The angels in heaven couldn't be more beautiful than you.

Stay away.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sighssss. The things we do in school. LOL. I manage to take a pic with my mum's phone, took it off and threw it into the washing machine b4 she saw it cos she wud have murdered me. And if none of you know what it says, it says "TOP♥". Its my sock btw. *hugesmile*

Aishhh. The voilence. So scary. I must stay away and never play any kind of korean games EVER.

We'll finally know our classes 2moro, as if i don't already know. I don't regret choosing it, i'm just scared of what's about to happen after i get there. But then again. Deskmate-ku will be with me. Saranghae, sayang. =]]]
Which reminds me. My thank-you list for my results :

Special thanks to..

* Ezzie for being ever patient with me and telling me all the Geo stuff which is the one and ONLY reason that i manage to score an @ for it. And for the BM. I uhh.. can't remember what it is you told me. HAHA. Sorry.

* Jo for telling me random stuff about KH and actually helping me remember it.
* Joevy (she doesn't know but still) & my VIP SISTA for helping me with Maths.

* More random ppl that made me STUDY.

Thank you SOOO much!

Haha. This is a lil too late but better late than never, right?

I don't have a choice.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of school. Haha. It does actually feel good to be around my peeps again but all the decision-making and all the what-do-you-want-to-be-in-the-future-stuff is so disturbing. I just don't know la. And i really really don't wanna think about it.

We were so high today, it feels like we've never left school. Its really weird to walk around now without seeing the ex-usual faces of the ex-usual seniors. I think i actually miss them. Lol. Form 4 is just.. old. HAHA.

"I want nobody nobody but chu.."
"I got chu under my sky.."
"Tell me tell me tttteell me.."
"I'm so sorry.. but i love you.."
"hahablablabla INFATUATED blablahahahablabla.. eeennfatuated!"

I wanna sleep. Sigh. All my 12 hour sleep a day is now OVER. Its only the first day at school and my face is already breaking out. Seeeeeeee. SO stressed.
Regrading my lack of post for the past 3 days..
This was New Year's day. I was so obsessed with the "OMO", i just kept saying it.

My sister wearing the devil's horns. Or whatever you call it.

WHEEEEE. My extremely adorably cute and awesome lion. It doesn't have a name yet. It can only sit like this. So i put it on the floor right next to my bed and it stares at me when i wake up and it makes me SOOO happy. Bwahaha.

School's begining to make me depressed and its only D-1. And now i'm going to exercise. Exercising in my dictionary means getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes singing along to BIGBANG's awesome songs.

Am i supposed to laugh as if nothing's wrong?

No. 1

Sunday, January 4, 2009

First post of the year. =]

New year was uhh.. like that la. A bit lame. First meal of the year : roti telur. LOL.

Youth Rally. It wasnt as bad as i expected it to be. Actually, it was pretty good. && i love my lion, thank you Benji. Hee. It was a good way to start the year : with GOD.

Gah, i'll blog again when my mum's not yelling at me.

Back to school.

Blog's dying.

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