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Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of school. Haha. It does actually feel good to be around my peeps again but all the decision-making and all the what-do-you-want-to-be-in-the-future-stuff is so disturbing. I just don't know la. And i really really don't wanna think about it.

We were so high today, it feels like we've never left school. Its really weird to walk around now without seeing the ex-usual faces of the ex-usual seniors. I think i actually miss them. Lol. Form 4 is just.. old. HAHA.

"I want nobody nobody but chu.."
"I got chu under my sky.."
"Tell me tell me tttteell me.."
"I'm so sorry.. but i love you.."
"hahablablabla INFATUATED blablahahahablabla.. eeennfatuated!"

I wanna sleep. Sigh. All my 12 hour sleep a day is now OVER. Its only the first day at school and my face is already breaking out. Seeeeeeee. SO stressed.
Regrading my lack of post for the past 3 days..
This was New Year's day. I was so obsessed with the "OMO", i just kept saying it.

My sister wearing the devil's horns. Or whatever you call it.

WHEEEEE. My extremely adorably cute and awesome lion. It doesn't have a name yet. It can only sit like this. So i put it on the floor right next to my bed and it stares at me when i wake up and it makes me SOOO happy. Bwahaha.

School's begining to make me depressed and its only D-1. And now i'm going to exercise. Exercising in my dictionary means getting on the treadmill for 30 minutes singing along to BIGBANG's awesome songs.

Am i supposed to laugh as if nothing's wrong?

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