I'm tired.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Very tired. Sighs. School's getting worse and worse. For me only la. Everyone else seems to be enjoying it. A lil too much i must say.
It's been a whole week since my last update. I actually don't remember much on what happened.

Monday. Interact meeting. It was.. terrible. I have absolutely no public speaking skills. I NEVER wanna talk in front of a whole lot of ppl. Its terrifying. Went to the field and marched for the last 10 mins or so. Aish. GB sure won't win wan. *fingers corssed*

Tuesday. LOL. Missed school. Went back to school for n'gale practice though. I practically stood around the whole afternoon. Was too lazy to do anything. Then it started raining so we ended early. I hope it rains EVERYDAY.

Wednesday. Went for marching again. I feel like i've gone 10 shades darker already. So depressing. Headed to tuition after.

"Charming = Handsome = Alex Wong ( teacher's name)"

"blablablaMathblablaEXCUSE MEblablabla"

It was so hilarious. He just kept saying excuse me and i still dont know why but he was probably trying to get our attention although nobody was talking. Hmmm. So weird.

Thursay. Uhh. Can't remember when this happened and i bet it wasnt thursday but..

"What's enviromental friendly air con in BM?"
"Uhh. Pendingin hawa yang berkawan dengan alam sekitar."

Haha. I'm definitely FAILING Bm.

Friday. CF. I didnt even go for it. Bleh. Practice was terrible.

"Oohh. I wanna white my tag too. Do for me."
"Go to hell do yourself."
"I also want, do for me."
"Go to hell do yourself."
*moments later*
"O.O Sooo white!"

Definition of whiting our tags : Take a chalk and rub it over the tags and it becomes super white. LOL. We were a lil too high. Switched classes. I had no complaints at first. But when we got into the class, it was a very wth-ing moment. Uhhh. Disgusting class, no offence sc3.

Came home and slept for the whole afternoon. I was already so tired from the 6 days of school. Woke up and got ready for Becky's 22th early birthday party. Ate and blablabla. Went to Michi's house. Ate some REALLY spicy indian food. My lips were practically burning red. Pics come after.

Sunday/ Today. Went for training. And the coach finally showed up. I tell you, i've been there for about a year and he has NEVER taught me ANYTHING. I was telling my mum and as usual, she told me to quit. Today was terrible la. 2moro's comp is killing my mood. Random faling moment :
Gah he serve so yeng and he still LOOKS like he blows the ball b4 he serves but he probably doesnt i suddenly can't wait to watch them play but i still dont wanna go.

I wish time would stop.
Right here.
Right now.

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