The Pong Post?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nah. It shall not exist. Hee.

First time back at training this year. Gah it was so scary my legs were shaking my heart was pounding my hands were cold and peeling. Lol. It was good though. Hee. I don't suck that much. Yet. Conviniently, the coach didnt come today. Aishh. So scary.

Thank God for a certain someone who made it less awkward. No new ppl who's already old ppl so that still makes us old ppl. I think. Yay. NVM.

Left training and went to the dentist. No punctuation from now on just because i want to.

Im extremely really terrified of dentists its just so scary whether it hurts or not he's like at your face and his hands are in your mouth and then once in awhile water will flow outta your mouth and my eyes were like rolling all over the place cos i cant actually just stare at his face right so i stared at the lil light that shines really really brightly at my face and then i stare at the light on the ceiling and then i stare and the exceptionally long fujitsu air con and then he's wearing the plastic thing to cover his eyes so the water wouldn't splash at him or something and when you look at it it reflects and you can see what he's doing which is really not a pleasant sight at all.

After sitting there for like A LONG TIME. We're finally done and got into the car. But thats not the end of pasting my butt to a chair. My mum decides to wash her hair. So we had to sit in the saloon for another 40 minutes or so. All i did was, as usual, BIG BANGING.

I just packed my bag for 2moro and i nearly died. The books are like twice as much compared to last year. It's going to be a long long day and my legs are already aching from training. I've decided to read the dictionary. Yes, i said the DICTIONARY. Everyday. I think. If possible.

The angels in heaven couldn't be more beautiful than you.

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