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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sighssss. The things we do in school. LOL. I manage to take a pic with my mum's phone, took it off and threw it into the washing machine b4 she saw it cos she wud have murdered me. And if none of you know what it says, it says "TOP♥". Its my sock btw. *hugesmile*

Aishhh. The voilence. So scary. I must stay away and never play any kind of korean games EVER.

We'll finally know our classes 2moro, as if i don't already know. I don't regret choosing it, i'm just scared of what's about to happen after i get there. But then again. Deskmate-ku will be with me. Saranghae, sayang. =]]]
Which reminds me. My thank-you list for my results :

Special thanks to..

* Ezzie for being ever patient with me and telling me all the Geo stuff which is the one and ONLY reason that i manage to score an @ for it. And for the BM. I uhh.. can't remember what it is you told me. HAHA. Sorry.

* Jo for telling me random stuff about KH and actually helping me remember it.
* Joevy (she doesn't know but still) & my VIP SISTA for helping me with Maths.

* More random ppl that made me STUDY.

Thank you SOOO much!

Haha. This is a lil too late but better late than never, right?

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