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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I should probably have a Happy Chinese New Year post like everyone else does but because i'm such a VIP, BigBang always comes first. =]

Today. 090128. 3rd day of chinese new year 2009. 1400. I watched MKMF 2007. At home. Address in confidential. On my 3 seater couch. Holding on the my lion. Squeling my head off since screaming is just a lil inappropriate. Clapping and jumping once in awhile. With my heart pounding like crazy. With a huge smile plastered to my face. Yes, i feel joy.


This post is actually nothing but because my fingers are so happy and a lil too obsessed, they just happen to type this whole post out. LOL.

The stoopid thing is subbed in chinese. CHINESE! We live in M'sia for goodness' sake, MALAY LA PLEASE.

In the meantime, my baby's so hot he has to wear a dinosaur on his head. Yes, you heard me right. A DINOSAUR. My soon-to-be obsession.


Alright. I'm done. Back to chinese new year. I can't believe i didn't wish my blog a


First day. Went to my dad's/grandma's place. It was so boring we had absolutely nothing to do and after a short discussion, we went to JJ. Suprisingly, i didn't meet anyone there. Hmm. Had nothing better to do so watched The Wedding Game. At least thats what i think its called. Had dinner at home and i didn't get to 'lou sang' this year. How miserable can it get. At night. Nothing to do. In conclusion, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. =.=

Second day. Woke up. Did nothing. Eat lunch. Waited till Jess came. Didn't get a single pic with her at all. So sad. I won't even know when's the next time i'll see her. She finally came while we were playing mahjong. Sat for awhile. And after a looong time, we went to Uncle Eric's house in Meru. It was fun? Had to go to the highway, got directions from him and finally reached his house. Sat there for another few hours and watched The Hollow Man. =.= On our way back, we kinda got lost and missed a turn so we took the highway to Simpang Pulai just to take a turn back to Ipoh. LOL. After dinner, again, we had nothing to do. In conclusion, Harry Potter : The Order of Phoenix. *major swt*

Third day. Woke up early. Went to Uncle Turkey's house (no that's not his name, thats just what everyone calls him last time). Sang karaeoke. LOL. We barely knew how to sing the songs there. "Ice ice baby, ice ice baby vanilla~" It was hilarious. Funniest rap song i've sang. Then went to play table tennis. And WaiLynn, you better read this : I watched my DAD serve KL style and the JOE style. But because he's 50, of cos not so yeng la. But still. HE KNOWS. As in seriously. He was trying to teach me but since i suck so bad, all i did was drop the ball a million times. Then i watched my dad and his brother (who happens to be his twin) play. And i assure you, they're GOOD. They'll like.. state player standard but they were not. I'm.. speechless. So anyway. After that we went back for dinner and to Gomei Square? to have supper.

Fourth day aka TODAY. Woke up for breakfast. And umm. Came home? Haha. I miss my bed soooo much. Finally got to go on9. Sighsss. Spent the afternoon BANG!ing. Went to aunt's house. Played mahjong again.


Tactic used by wives nowadays to keep their divorced-and-had-kids-husband at home and suprisingly, it works :

"If you go out tonight, they (the kids) will go home tonight. If you don't go out, they'll go back 2moro morning."
"Then i won't go out."

Gee. I mean. I know its an easy way to keep him home but using us? No, thanks. I'd stay out of it. We are NOT an ecxuse. But knowing my dad, i was suprised by his answer. I do really appreciate the answer though. I still don't think ppl change that easily.

My uncle's slightly mean and my dad really doesn't use the malaysian slang. Unless he speaks malay or something. Its hard but i shall start doing the same thing now.

My grandma thought TOP, Choi Seung Hyun was my BOYFRIEND for like.. a few seconds. HAHHAHA. happyhappyjoyjoy.

Pics will come later. In the meantime, i'm going back to BANG!
Excuse me for the really long post. Its been days anyway. =]

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