Sunday, February 1, 2009

Woke up late with a msg telling me that she wasnt going for training. I debated with myself on my bed for like.. 13 minutes.

"Should i go?"
"My bed feels so awesome right now."
*Imagines how its like at training*
"But i have to go myself."
"Its not like you've never been b4."
*falls asleep again*
"Ahh. Training."
*gets off bed*
(note that this whole conversation was only between me and myself, LOL)

So. I went for training. ALONE.

It was considerably terrible. Sighssss. I wanna kill you, Wailynn. =/

I feel like crying and smiling at the same time. Lol. Just one sentence says it all :

Life size doraemon pingpong machine.

was annoyingly nice i actually slapped myself to stop smiling. "It" looked at me weirdly and then ignored me. Blehh. To clarify, we were getting this one on one coaching from "it". Not the coach. Chehhh. What kinda coach is that. Nvm la. I've realised that they always argue because of me. I feel so bad right now. But i didnt say anything also, not my fault right? =/ SIGHS.

B4 that, i played with that girl la. Ish. She was in this weird mood. Technically, she was in a good mood, but she was playing terribly. Like it was on purpose. The whole hour i told myself "Patience, Jill." And then i turn around with a composed face.

My mum conviniently pointed out that i didn't know anyone there.

"So nobody talked to you today?"
"So if your friend come only then she talk to you la?"
"Cheh. Go there one whole year already, still don't know anyone there."
"Noo. Its hard for them to talk to me and i also dunno how to talk to them."
"Can talk to me then why cannot talk to them?"
(note that this whole conversation was conducted in cantonese)
"Don't want. They must not know that i speak chinese."

Ish. How nice of her. Blek. So now, i've decided to go on this cantonese-speaking frenzy. I know its actually not possible. I'll probabably only last like.. 10 minutes. Or less. LOL. Doesn't mean i can't try.


Went to church yesterday. Ps. Angela preached. SIGHS.

*slaps self*

I need to change. ALOT.


Back to school. Depressed immediately.

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