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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello. 3 days of school. Whole lot of results. And nothing to say about it. Suprisingly, i don't feel anything about my results because i didn't actually expect anything in the first place. Although i do feel like hitting myself on the head a million times for making the STUPIDEST mistakes of all mankind. Blehhhh. Takpe. It's done.

People say : "Don't expect and you won't hurt."
And some other ppl say : "Have high expectations, that way you will push yourself further."
So which exactly am i suppose to follow?

Moving on. I've been listening to Lee Hom's new album. Its been out for awhile, in my comp for quite some time, but never heard. So i finally decided to and well, it's.. different.

His music is still awesome.
His vocals are still awesome.
His lyrics are still even more awesome.
He just choose a different way to express it.
A weirder way. But still good.

It went from "Kiss goodbye" to "What's up with rock?" Drastic change, hard to adapt to for now. But i'm already getting used to it. Glad to know that i still am a Lee Hom fan. Of his songs anyway. Lyrics are awesome.

"How many question marks can fit into two hearts?"
"No matter how many tomorrow it takes, forever starts now."

Hmm. Looks kinda weird now. But i assure you, it sounds sooo much better in mandrin. (:

Now. Some Lee Hom spam if you don't mind. Hee.

The Handsome.

The Sexy. LOL.

The Dorky.


DC Camp 09'. My group presenting Task 2 if i'm not mistaken. Lol at Nicky. Present also must stand until like that.

Now. Back to my VIP self. HEART Campaign. <3


SUPPORT EARTH HOUR! I'm probably gonna end up sitting on the couch staring into space in the dark for one hour. Just because Mother Earth needs us. Whee. Make a difference.

I suddenly understand the shapes of the clouds.

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