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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm finally back from camp. I STILL don't feel good and i don't feel bad. But i'm glad to say that i think there's been some kinda change in me? 

No. 1 fact ppl just HAVE TO know about me : 
NEVER. EVER. touch my head unless i give you permission to, which is unlikely. I become very.. inhuman. This applies to everyone except SOME certain ppl and there's really not many out there :)

The camp was.. good. Just not fun. But still good anyway. It requires a whole lot of mental strength and thinking skills. Which i obviously don't have. But the one thing i realised, no matter how much i don't like talking in front of ppl or speaking public-ly, i can actually do it. Yes, my hands will shake and i get really jumpy before i go up, but right after i stand there, i don't feel anything anymore. I'm not even sure if that's good or bad. 

We had lotsa tasks to do. Mostly involving business, marketing, finance, stock market, lawsuits, hospitals and etc. All of them were pretty hard and we just kept making random stupid mistakes and the worst part is waking up at 5 something to get all of the stuff done. My face, tak boleh save dah. 

My group name : Anglicisme (which most ppl had a hard time pronouncing, eg : my group leader) LOL. It means leader in French. All of the sermons are about leadership. Being a leader is both easy and hard. Seriously. If i were given a choice, i would never choose to lead. But since we were all choosen, there's actually no choice. FINE. 


I suppose overall, the camp was considerably awesome. I don't know how or why i always give the impression of being cold. I'm not REALLY. I just can't show it. Sorry lah, i was born like this. Either way, i probably will start making an effort now. 

Autographs and wishes : See those bananas up there, from Fredson. It say "Banana good for health." And Ben Ooi, that big J and squigly line that i suppose shud be my name althoug i'm still not sure. And the rest, noone needs to know. Hee. 

LOL. The biggest one : "Hi chilly (JOSIAH), random smiley faces. And there's this other one that says "Don't belagak la.". And from Ben 10, "Woohoo!" HAHA. From Nicolas (your best groupmate) that is really what he wrote, not me : "Me rock! YAY! You are fantastic REALLY." 
Weird, nice ppl. 

More random pics with me looking terrible from camp coming soon. 

TO KRISTAL : My theories are ALWAYS right. again. Best of luck in handling ALL these issues. again. 

i miss him. 
ah, i hate this so much. 
stoopid fella. 


Decided not to go to KL. Waste my time, go there become kuli only. No need. I'm sorry to say that i cud care less that you're moving and i have no intentions on going down for 2 days just to hep you carry and move stuff around. This is not me being mean. This is me being realistic. And maybe a lil sarcastic. 

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