Sunday, April 26, 2009

I know i'm supposed to be blogging. But today, i have a VERY good reason : HIM.



Yeah, you know i love you. <3

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I will unofficially disappear.

Broken tradition.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phantom of the Opera. No comment. Lol. I dunno what to say, its just.. like that la.

OH WELL. 4 years.


Today. SIGHS.

1. I finally finished my oral which i have memorized everyday for 2 weeks straight just to forget half of it when i was actually speaking. =.=
2. Now there's BM lisan. That one is a definite phail.
3. Mid year is coming sooo fast.
4. I'm scared.
5. I'm tired.

So anyway. Went for tuition. He came half an hour late. And then when class ended, he wrote a memo for me. It goes like this :

"Pls pray for Madam Wong Siew Yeen (Mr. Alex Wong's wife). She just gone through the back bone operation (slip disc). Pls pray for speedy recovery and God healing onto her left leg. Cause left led got no strength. Pray for God mercy on my son, David Wong cause mummy cannot take care of him."

All i could do was smile and wished he feels better when he wrote it. When i got home and read it again, tears filled my eyes. SIGHS. I wish there was more i could do than pray. But i guess for now, it's the best anyone can do.

OHHH. The memo's not for me la. Its for me to pass it to my church's pastor because Mr. Alex knows that our church has prayer meetings and asked me to pass the note for prayers.

AHH. My baby's hair SO CUTE. I'm gonna tie my hair like this from now on. LOL.

I believe in miracles.

So wrong.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Today was a blog-worthy day. And therefore, here i am. Lol.

Oh well. For the first time, school on Saturday was actually OKAY. Just okay. The fact that its a Saturday brings it down a lil.

School was.. liberating.

HAHA. Yeah well. Just.. free. So it was a good start to my day. Towards the end though, i'm not too sure. Sigh.

Went to church after school and for the first time in a long long time, we played games. Lol. I just realised there's a lot of firsts-in-a-long-time-things that happened today. It was.. bleh. Haha. No lah. The games were fine. Got us warmed up for p&w. && the highlight of the service was that P&W was actually more ALIVE since a long long time. It felt good. Too bad i had to leave early.

So. Went to ACS. For the first time in a long time (i'm not sure there was actually already a first time or not) and did nothing. NOTHING. I just stood around the whole 3 hours. Walked here and there staring at ppl staring back at me because they think i'm weird and alone and wotnot.

Too bad no pics and probably won't have any at all. =

AND. I saw a lot of ppl i haven't seen in a long long time. I don't even know if i'm supposed to feel good about things like that. *slaps self* Sighs.



Now i'm prepared for 2moro.

No use, i give up.


Friday, April 10, 2009

I've decided to stop blogging for awhile. No specific reason.

Just. stop.

For awhile.

I will get back i suppose. When my blogging-ness comes back to me.

After mid year, during hols maybe? I just don't have time to actually sit here and type out my thoughts for now. And if i actually did, this blog will end up very mobid.

Or maybe i'll just go back to my other blog which noone reads for now. I miss it. :)

Until then..

My band + Bong Ajumma says GOODBYE.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's currently 12.10. Sorry its late but..


My whole post shall be pink today.



During moral..

"What did she do?"
"I think she chopped off his dong dong."
"Did she put salt?"

Hahaha. Now i'm off to drown myself in AddMath and a million other non-finished homework. Sigh. Procrastination has gotten the best of me.

Forever you're my girl.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday. BLAH. I woke up at 6 freakin 45. Reached school at 7 freakin 45 when the thing starts at 9 freakin o' clock. Bla bla bla. I dunno. For the first time in my life, i was on stage during worship. Lol. Do LCD. And i noticed one thing, when i was up there, i had no idea whether the worship was good or not. Cos all the faces staring at me had the same expression : NONE.

And i just don't understand. How can ppl still not know how to do roll call and dismissal? We'e done it SO MANY TIMES. But still, everytime we do it, i'll still here ppl going "Say up. Say up again." or "Look to the left." or "Only first row raise your hands." We've repeated it and repeated it. Takkan after 2 weeks then forget already right? Maybe you need some 'help' then. This is totally irrelevent but its so just so annoying. I mean, even when i was a new member, after doing it twice, you just automatically remember it, right? Apparently not.

Forget it. So after the meeting ended and my mum was coming late. And ezz left.

Suddenly, text arrives. "T.T SORRRYY" (lol at my deskmate)
*look for car, or more like PRETEND to look for car*
*TaeYang's 'Look at me only' blasting in my ears*
and more *silence*

I'm sorry its still so awkward. But this was much better than a few months ago. Praise the Lord!

Sunday. Was forced to go to church. The drumming ppl were so cool though. And the main dude looked like Justin Timberlake. Haha. The sermon was exceptionally looong :

I have a friend who doesn't tell me anything.
If you're my friend, I'll tell you everything.

L to R : Gurchi a.k.a the church leader that texts me every Saturday morning at 8 to remind me to go to church, Me, Joan, Kristal.

And lastly, I always knew he was sexy but not THIS sexy. *huge grin*

Friday, April 3, 2009

Whee. I'm back. I'm just sooo lazy nowadays, i don't blog. But i dont usually get the chance to because something will sure come up. And today, i'm so lazy so i wanna type in broken english. For once, i must not care. So just ignore all the random grammar mistakes. 

School's been really long these days. Everyday its just ADD MATH ADD MATH ADD MATH. 
During BI, do add math. During BM, do add math. During Bio, do add math. I practically spent the past 2 days doing add math and then smacking myself in the head for not seeing where the stupid point is or NOT READING THE QUESTION. That is one of my main HUGE reason why i keep failing my papers. =.=

Forget about school. Despite how i do not have anything else happening except school. Ooohh. Today i went for Physics tuition and it was so scary i tell you. There was sooo many ppl there and there were a few guys standing at the table so i cudnt go and pay. Anyway. After paying.. 

"So where's the class?"
*points to the class at the back*
*deskmate and i turn back to look* 
and we both had the same face on :

The class was like.. FULL. OF. PPL. Extremely scary looking. And then we both turned around to look at the girl and she was like "No, not now. Afterwards." Gosh i was like so scared. After standing around for awhile, the class emptied out. And when we went in, only about 15++ ppl were in it. Thank God. I never thought i'd be so scared to see so many unknown ppl. LOL. 

Does this mean i somewhat know myself better now? not. 

You see. Everyday there are these lil small things that reminds me that i HAVE TO be a NICER person. Today at Chem..

"Just now i was asking ppl how to do the experiment, right. And then the RCL said 'you're so friendly, not like them."


Okay. That was me being in denial. But then again, i'm sure its not THAT bad right? wrong. 

Aishhhhh. These small things that doesn't bother the rest of "them" actually bothers me. Blehh. I need to pray. 

Oops. I didn't realise the post got so long. OOOHHH. My aural. Gah. Its gonna be so terrible. 
Did you know that Elvis Presley died while sitting on the toilet bowl, naked, reading newspaper? Exactly. 

You're my lollipop. 

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