Broken tradition.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phantom of the Opera. No comment. Lol. I dunno what to say, its just.. like that la.

OH WELL. 4 years.


Today. SIGHS.

1. I finally finished my oral which i have memorized everyday for 2 weeks straight just to forget half of it when i was actually speaking. =.=
2. Now there's BM lisan. That one is a definite phail.
3. Mid year is coming sooo fast.
4. I'm scared.
5. I'm tired.

So anyway. Went for tuition. He came half an hour late. And then when class ended, he wrote a memo for me. It goes like this :

"Pls pray for Madam Wong Siew Yeen (Mr. Alex Wong's wife). She just gone through the back bone operation (slip disc). Pls pray for speedy recovery and God healing onto her left leg. Cause left led got no strength. Pray for God mercy on my son, David Wong cause mummy cannot take care of him."

All i could do was smile and wished he feels better when he wrote it. When i got home and read it again, tears filled my eyes. SIGHS. I wish there was more i could do than pray. But i guess for now, it's the best anyone can do.

OHHH. The memo's not for me la. Its for me to pass it to my church's pastor because Mr. Alex knows that our church has prayer meetings and asked me to pass the note for prayers.

AHH. My baby's hair SO CUTE. I'm gonna tie my hair like this from now on. LOL.

I believe in miracles.

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