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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday. BLAH. I woke up at 6 freakin 45. Reached school at 7 freakin 45 when the thing starts at 9 freakin o' clock. Bla bla bla. I dunno. For the first time in my life, i was on stage during worship. Lol. Do LCD. And i noticed one thing, when i was up there, i had no idea whether the worship was good or not. Cos all the faces staring at me had the same expression : NONE.

And i just don't understand. How can ppl still not know how to do roll call and dismissal? We'e done it SO MANY TIMES. But still, everytime we do it, i'll still here ppl going "Say up. Say up again." or "Look to the left." or "Only first row raise your hands." We've repeated it and repeated it. Takkan after 2 weeks then forget already right? Maybe you need some 'help' then. This is totally irrelevent but its so just so annoying. I mean, even when i was a new member, after doing it twice, you just automatically remember it, right? Apparently not.

Forget it. So after the meeting ended and my mum was coming late. And ezz left.

Suddenly, text arrives. "T.T SORRRYY" (lol at my deskmate)
*look for car, or more like PRETEND to look for car*
*TaeYang's 'Look at me only' blasting in my ears*
and more *silence*

I'm sorry its still so awkward. But this was much better than a few months ago. Praise the Lord!

Sunday. Was forced to go to church. The drumming ppl were so cool though. And the main dude looked like Justin Timberlake. Haha. The sermon was exceptionally looong :

I have a friend who doesn't tell me anything.
If you're my friend, I'll tell you everything.

L to R : Gurchi a.k.a the church leader that texts me every Saturday morning at 8 to remind me to go to church, Me, Joan, Kristal.

And lastly, I always knew he was sexy but not THIS sexy. *huge grin*

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