Friday, April 3, 2009

Whee. I'm back. I'm just sooo lazy nowadays, i don't blog. But i dont usually get the chance to because something will sure come up. And today, i'm so lazy so i wanna type in broken english. For once, i must not care. So just ignore all the random grammar mistakes. 

School's been really long these days. Everyday its just ADD MATH ADD MATH ADD MATH. 
During BI, do add math. During BM, do add math. During Bio, do add math. I practically spent the past 2 days doing add math and then smacking myself in the head for not seeing where the stupid point is or NOT READING THE QUESTION. That is one of my main HUGE reason why i keep failing my papers. =.=

Forget about school. Despite how i do not have anything else happening except school. Ooohh. Today i went for Physics tuition and it was so scary i tell you. There was sooo many ppl there and there were a few guys standing at the table so i cudnt go and pay. Anyway. After paying.. 

"So where's the class?"
*points to the class at the back*
*deskmate and i turn back to look* 
and we both had the same face on :

The class was like.. FULL. OF. PPL. Extremely scary looking. And then we both turned around to look at the girl and she was like "No, not now. Afterwards." Gosh i was like so scared. After standing around for awhile, the class emptied out. And when we went in, only about 15++ ppl were in it. Thank God. I never thought i'd be so scared to see so many unknown ppl. LOL. 

Does this mean i somewhat know myself better now? not. 

You see. Everyday there are these lil small things that reminds me that i HAVE TO be a NICER person. Today at Chem..

"Just now i was asking ppl how to do the experiment, right. And then the RCL said 'you're so friendly, not like them."


Okay. That was me being in denial. But then again, i'm sure its not THAT bad right? wrong. 

Aishhhhh. These small things that doesn't bother the rest of "them" actually bothers me. Blehh. I need to pray. 

Oops. I didn't realise the post got so long. OOOHHH. My aural. Gah. Its gonna be so terrible. 
Did you know that Elvis Presley died while sitting on the toilet bowl, naked, reading newspaper? Exactly. 

You're my lollipop. 

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