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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wheee. I'm back from camp. According to Ezz, i sound ambiguous. Oh wells.

I can say that things lotsa things happened in camp. But there's really nothing much to say. Let me go through the whole of camp. Starting with.. school on Saturday. It was just a boring day. I can say that i was actually somewhat excited. SOMEWHAT. So we changed and got on to the bus. Complain 1 : The bus has NO aircon! (let's see how many complains i'll have at the end of the post) We nearly died in the bus. Or at least i did. I felt so bad on the bus. I can say that during both the bus journey, i was the MOST comfortable one on the bus. Poor Anna and Sonia had to stand the whole trip. And the rest of them had like to sit with their huge luggage on their lap. While I.. had the whole 2 seats to myself. And my pail. Complain 2 : They told me to bring a pail. And nobody used it! Gah. So annoying, the pail i mean. I had to like carry it up and down the bus.

And after approximately 40 minutes, we reached the uhh.. bungalow? It was IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE with absolutely no civilization. Complain 4 : Lack of civilization. Not that i actually care. All around the place was.. palm oil. Lots of them. Not that i actually paid attention to the surroundings, but that was really all i saw. And OOH. The place's really cool for a building that was in the middle of nowhere. It's like tiled with those shiny big tiles and the whole place is air conditioned, it has pool and a basketball court cum badminton court; with a huge area all over like the mini field upfront and OH a library place where the balcony is. Oookay. Off topic. LOL.

The first thing we did was.. eat lunch. -.- They apparently had some miscommunication and did not prepare any lunch for us. Complain 5 : No lunch, it was already 2.30. Then blah briefing blah dorms blah groups, we played games. It just wasn't what i expected. It was.. not challenging enough. Lol. I hope Andrina never reads this. I basically started off the game being absolutely nonexistent. I'd like to apologize to my group leader for being absolutely USELESS. =/ There was a part where we had to make a human pyramid. It was such a new experience for me. I was on the 2nd level. There was actually 2 girls standing on me. I've never, i repeat, NEVER carried a single person older than 2 in my whole entire life. Now i know how the seniors felt when they carried us 2 years ago at camp. LOL. I don't like being old. Sighs. Some girls there were so tiny, i feel like a giant despite my height, or lack thereof.

Blalalblalaala session 1 blahhahaha HIGH PRAISE! Whooooot! Uh. Okay. We had much much MUCH better high praise before but this was.. okay la. Because the campers were very.. inactive. Haha. Blablabla. Singsingsing jumpjumpjump praisepraisepraise. Then we made desert. DESERT. Like lotsa ice cream, chocolate chips, cornflakes, banana cake, canned fruits. GAH. fattening betul. =( We didn't win of course, the thing was gross and when i tried it, i don't even know what i was eating. It was just a lot of slime.

And that's when everything REALLY began. We crashed into Joevy's, Shannon's, Sandra's and Kim's room. And they had a lot of food. Like ALOTTT of food. Gah, everyone kept offering me food, i swear i gained 2 kg from that 4 hours in the room. Lotsa stories and uh, dancing as well. HAHA. Not me la of course. At some point, i started doing sit ups and Sonia went "What the hell are you doing?" So i stopped. HAHA.

We finally went to bed and woke up half dead. Devotion was.. quiet. Again, i'm so so sorry for being so useless. Went for breakfast and DRILL. DRILL. It was.. boring. Complain 6 : Drill was so boring! We just marched back and forth and back and forth and turn turn turn. So boring. I actually found that when i was in the n00bs group of marchers, i enjoyed it more cos i felt like i actually learnt something. This.. this was just boring.

Then we had p&w and session 2. OH. I forgot to mention the speaker. Runa, from Scripture Union. She talked about.. friendship. It was a good topic i suppose. Sensitive to certain ppl. Ahemahem. Well. The talking part was boring. But we did a Trust Fall, that was fun. I for one, actually just fell. I ACTUALLY trusted them. I mean. We're not really, like really.. okay i'm gonna stop here. My point is, i didn't care. I do somehow trust them peeps. But the rest, they didn't trust us. It was slightly disappointing. But then again, i really don't mind.

We did some "special activity" kononnya. Impromptu performance, i think that's what it was called. We had to do a reality show with the theme friendship or unity. I.AM.NOT.FIT.FOR.A.ROLE.OF.A.BIMBO. Seriously. I'm never any good when you put me on the spot. No wait, let me rephrase that. I'm no good fullstop. I'm just gonna skip some random no-need-to-be-blogged-about-things.

And after all the games and stuff, they announced the winning team. We got 3rd. GO UNIDAD! Thank you, mama (that's what our whole group called the group leader, poor girl LOL).

And then we sat through that terrible bus ride again. Like i mentioned b4, i was probably hte most comfortable one AGAIN. But this time, it was raining. -.- and the bus is not air conditioned. So i left the window open, half my seat was wet. Complain 7 : My seat was wet! Uhh. Okay.

Reached Ipoh, walked off to mummy's car. Noone knew i was gone. OOH. 7 complains only. Not bad not bad. Okay. So overall, the camp was good bordering on awesome.

Now. Spiritually. I think.. i think it was alright. I mean, God spoke to me. His presence was definitely there. But how many ppl felt it, i really don't know. I feel like i'm 1mm closer to God now. :)

I basically have no pictures. YET. So excuse my EXTREMELY long and boring post. I deperately need to crash now. I'm out.

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