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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I've come to realise that in my lack of blogging, i've missed out some events. Lol. For example, the Ballet concert, IBIG Korean Praise and Starwalk. And now that its passed, i don't even feel like blogging about it anymore. For 2 reasons.

1. I have nothing much to say about it.
2. I don't remember. LOL.

So uhh. To summarize it, Ballet was mildly interesting because the tutus were really pretty and i 'think' that they were really good? And i think most ppl already know, but IBIG Korean Praise was AWESOME. Hmm. And Starwalk was just tiring. because i couldn't find any inspriration. And i'm not in the mood to get thinner. YET.

Park Sang Kyu and us :)

Anyway. I got home from school yesterday and checked my phone. The first thing i said when i saw the text was "Something fishy is going on." Haha. It was my dad. He asked us out dinner, or specifically "n v can hang out 2nite, like hv dinner, etc." That's really what the text said. And thats exactly what we did : his version of hanging out.

And when daddy is around, the first thing we do is, EAT DURIAN. I'm not a big fan but once in awhile, it does sound a lil appealing to me. So we ate durian. I've realised on thing about durians, or maybe its just me and my weird taste buds, EVERYTIME you take a new bite, it always taste different. At some point, i was wondering if i was even eating from the same piece. It was VERY weird. =O

OOHH. And while we were standing at the side of the road, there was this man opposite who was, i assume, homeless, staring at us eat, hugging a pole. It was a lil freaky at first, then i kinda felt so bad. But after standing there for like approximately 20 minutes ++, he walked off. I waved at him, but his back was facing me already.

AFTER the durian, we went for dinner. DINNER! Ahh. So fat. Ngah choi kai, as sayang always calls it. Hees. We were so full after, we walked on that creepy malay pasar malam thing in town, i think it has a specific name, i just don't know it. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Came home. :)

School's back to being tiring. I don't want to do homework! Hmph.

Okay. Let's move backwards. On Friday, last friday, my sister and i were just chilling with out labtop and screamed our head off at the stoopid, fake, creepy girl ghost person. And suddenly, this loud siren came on. I don't remember exactly what it says but the point is, they wanted to fog the place. Aiish. Potong stim betul. I was just getting comfy. So we had to get out and took our hamsters with us. Initially, we were just sitting at the basketball court and then they started to come nearer. Mummy decided to walk out. Bringing a very unwilling Jill with her. Cos Jill's lazy like that. HAHA.

Joan with Mango and I'm holding Junior.

Yays, a long post that nobody's gonna read, finally.

You're standing here acting like i never existed.

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