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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I need a life. Somebody give it back to me.

Yes, life is boring. SO BORING. But now it's going to get busy. I don't like busy really. Busy gives me ALOT of pimples.

Now, let me rant a lil first.
Everyone's going through a hard time. The world does not revolve around you alone. I get depressed. I get tired. But i never complain. Nobody's gonna do everything for you. As long as i'm around anyway. You've got hands, you've got legs, you've got brains. Do it yourself. I'm always so tired of doing things for ppl. But the thing is, i never get to say anything about it. I may complain once or twice, but that's it. Just. enough. Nobody else knows what you're going through. Don't expect sympathy from me. You're not getting any. Empathy? Maybe. I must sound like a total bitch now, but frankly, i don't care. You may think that you go through a lot or problems and all the shit in the world, but everyone does. EVERYONE.

Okay. I'm done.

Now, back to my boring life. IU day's on it's way. Approximately one month from now. Lots to do. Let me rephrase that. Lots of i-don't-want-to-do-stuff to do. -.-

If we try
we shall see
in this bliss
we cannot feel
fear or dread
we stop existing and
stop living.

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