Saturday, July 25, 2009

So. Last night was the most interesting, fun maybe, time i had in a loooong long time. And you know who i was with?


As in, 40 plus year old uncles and aunties. And yes, i actually said it was fun. We were there so early. And noone else was there yet. So we sat there watching those ridiculous (no offence) indians movies that has wayyy too many ridiculous effects. And then my mum left. SHE LEFT. She left us there. Sitting. Watching some random Indian show. Blehh.

Ppl started to come. We went out to eat kacang putih. Suddenly there was a lot of ppl at our table. O.O Blablabla. Mummy came back. We went to another table. To talk about Wild Bunny. *HAH JO, you can name them too!*

Went in to sit and watch TV. Innocently. Drank terrible tasting whisky. To me, ALL alcohol tastes terrible. I just don't get why you'd wanna drink so much of something that tastes this terrible. Blehhh.

I think my mum drank too fast or something. She went to puke. LOL. Yeah. So after, we just watched Evan Almighty until my mum felt better.


There was these 2 uncles who were dancing. Like seriously. THEY WERE DANCING. To some random punjabi songs. And outta nowhere, we were dragged to dance as well. The uncle was teaching us how to dance the punjabi style. Too bad no pics. =[ It was something i wanted to remember.

To summarize my whole night :

I was learning how to dance punjabi style from an old indian uncle till 1 in the morning on a Friday night. And the thing about adults is : You can't really say no to them. Not when your mum is somewhat drunk and puking.

It was already 11 plus. We got bored.

The terrible tasting whisky >.<

In the house. While mum was still.. puking.

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