Monday, November 16, 2009

Came back from KL this afternoon. The wedding was.. big. But the size of it didn't suit the mood of it at all. The whole crowd was.. despondent. It could've been a lot funner but it wasn't. Nvm.

Weddings alwasy make me think. There 2 ways to thinking about weddings. First, how my sister's/friends would be like (cause i'm apparently not getting married :P) and how fun it'll be and how i'd change things around for so it won't just be another common wedding. It should be the best. :) Second, how it's so freakin scary and you just.. well. kinda share a life with someone. FOREVER. When i think thoughts like that, i really can't imagine anyone like that for me.

Or i can also think : "Maybe its fun."

LOL. I duno. I confuse myself alot.

Highlight of the weekend : The wedding dinner and where we stayed was at Concorde. Brings back a whole lot of memories. Good or bad, i'm not even sure anymore.

Walking from the carpark to the lobby. I didn't even know when this picture was taken.

I really didn't remember the toilets being so nice. But then again, it was a long time ago.

Ta-da! This was taken after the dinner ended. We were just hangin around.

There is this SMALL uhh.. wall separating both pools and we walked across it. Just for the fun of it. I was so tempted to just jump in. Too bad, i'm not that crazy. YET.

Pictures with the groom will come soon. I just realised i didn't take any pictures with the bride. Oops.

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