I woke up sad again.

Monday, December 7, 2009

OMG i need a distraction big distraction i'm gonna type with no punctuation beacuse my fingers are still shaking from this terrible nightmare no it wasn't a mightmare but it is my WORST nightmare i dreamt of my own wedding how beyond scary can that get the scary part is never the wedding i love weddings i want my own wedding i just don't want to dream my wedding because in dreams everything goes wrong what i'm saying is not that the wedding dream was scary it's more like who i dreamt of getting married to omg omg omg its such a terrible dream and i'm gonna make sure that nobody ever finds out who i dreamt of marrying and btw he's not korean DAMNIT but i think for like 30 seconds of my dream and approximately 5 minutes of my sleep i was going to marry 희철 i even dreamt of 희범. yeah but it was a short moment i don't like seeing faces in my dreams omg omg how can i dream of marrying someone i don't even want to see NOW?

I need a brainwash.


Don't even bother reading that. Now i'm going to distract myself with VERY INTERESTING THINGS that actually involve korean ppl YAY.

It's time to forget.

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