Saturday, February 27, 2010


What do you want from me?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

14th :

I don't think i can live here. This is not home. This is a house. That's all it is. Despite how it's filled with what people would call 'sound of family' which is seriously just noise, I've grown immune to it.

But there's alot of flu virus here that my body is completely vulnerable to. I can barely breathe with my nose now.

I can't even TRY to take care of my face here. Its just dying and i don't feel very well. I'm tired all the time, my face hurts all the time, there's somebody screaming half the time, i'm covered in sweat most of the time (and like 희철오빠, i hate sweating), and i wake up early ALL the time! I don't know what it is here that makes me so freakin tired all the time.

Happy Valentine's Day, 오빠.

15th :

We went on the Singapore Flyer. We pretty much got lost in the middle of the city, but it was an adventure. I can imagine how crazy it would be if i went traveling with my 친구들. LOL, let's go on some adventures together, 친구야! :)

On our way to the Flyer. We went to the Fountain of Wealth and well.. couldn't find the Flyer after that. HAHA.

The Singapore Flyer. It doesn't fly, i don't why its called a flyer.

In the flyer, there was a Korean family, 2 Japanese girls if i'm not mistaken and a bunch of German (?) dudes. And then there was us, the Malaysians.

The View. There was some kinda fun fair doing on there, the place with the shiny lights.

The F1 track taken from the flyer.

16th :

Unnie had to work. :( I went to another house alone. The kids are playing 21 again. It's so amusing watching them. There was a conversation on how this girl won because she was wearing red and the boy next to her wore red too but beacuse she had more red on her, she won. -.- Other than that, there whole game consists of words like "you stupid" or "banggala la you" and other weird Singaporean profanities which i don't really understand. Was i like this? It's scary growing up. It's scarier being grown up.

I took the bus, then the train, then walked to where my sister works today. Alone. It's pretty fun actually. The amount of kids here are like.. WOW. They're everywhere!

17th :

I went shopping alone. It was fun. I just couldn't buy anything. ):

I was waiting at the bus stop, two students walked pass me. The one further behind shouted "야씨발!" There's not only alot of kids here, there's a LOT of Koreans here. The couple who sat next to me in McD, Korean as well. I went into a few shops that all played Korean songs, and why do you think i was inside? xD

Look! Kid. Yeah, she was cute. She was talking to us. And.. yeah. That's just about it. Couldn't get a single picture with the 3 boys, they were even cuter. The oldest, he's gonna grow up a complete player. =p Lucky girls.

The 1st day of CNY.

And again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

생일 축하해, 시원오빠~!

Just the other day..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My monitor said to me :

"I like to kacau you la, you like so serious all the time."

And then she laughed. I feel sad.


Have some KJJ craze. HAHA.

Bo beep bo beep bo beep. [Shot no. 90]

Unnie be pimping. [Shot no. 117]

:) [Shot no. 118]

Maybe when i'm not in the right state of mind, there's a video that came along with this pictures.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

생일 축하해, 한경오빠!

Have a pimping 한경오빠.

Have a wet-haired 한경오빠.

Have a white haired 한경오빠.

Have a shinning 한경오빠.

Have a manly 한경오빠.

I love you, 한경오빠.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, 조규현!

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