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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Isn't it funny how simple it is for people to trash God
and then wonder why the world's going to hell.

2.0 During.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I can't possible type out the whole concert second to second, neither can i type it out song by song because i think my eyes kinda died out on me every few seconds while my brain explodes every few minutes. So here's an overall review, member by member. (:

Eunhyuk (Why? Because he was the 1st person I saw) :

The memory of his back is already imprinted in my head. Its just so beautiful. LOL, the back of his hair is like completely amusing, streaks of different colour. And he's.. tall. Just thinking about it again now is making me a lil crazy again. The screaming was REALLY loud coming from our row. He didn't move an inch no matter how hard we screamed. And then he started to freakin dance. GAH. No explanation needed, the world knows he's awesome.

The 2nd time he came over was umm.. what was the song? I told you i don't remember. Well, anyway, he came over and SPRAYED US WITH HIS WATERGUN with that usual grin on his face, the gummy one! Lol. I didn't even wipe the water off my face although it blurred half of my specs. Too precious. And then he left. :( Never really saw him upclose anymore after that.

Ryeowook :

OOHH. He came down our side. I was so torn at screaming at Eunhyuk or watching him come down the stairs. After screaming at Eunhyuk for awhile, I decided to turn and looked at Ryeowook. The second i turned around, he stopped 2 steps above our row. I think i nearly died. He was singing if i've not mistaken. He had his performance face on although he looked like he wanted to smile.

Then he came down and in front of us, started dancing and all that. I can swear that I saw him smile once when he couldn't hold it back anymore. He was really cute the whole concert, smiling and waving all the time. Such a sweetheart. OH, i have to mention this. He looks damn good AS A GIRL. Haha.

He was the second person who came over with his watergun. He was so completely adorable. He didn't know what to do with his mic after he sang his line and put his mic into his back pocket, he was gonna recharge his gun and spray us but then the ppl at the back started spraying him. Lol, the look on his face was indescribable.

Shindong :

He replied. WAHHH. Well. It was not really my fan account but since we were in that area together, everything i saw with my own eyes becomes my memory. This was how it went. He walked over and so we started screaming and Kristal probably screamed at Eunice to take out the onigiri so Eunice started waving it at him and we all started screaming for him to take it. Then he stopped and looked at us saying '배불러요'. HE REPLIED TO US. WAH. I never expected any of them to actually listen to us. Haha.

He was around quite alot after that, came over during Disco Drive and did the dance with us. He's really not as big in real life compared to the pictures. And his hair was really cool.

Donghae :

*screams* He's like completely beautiful in real life, as if he's not beautiful enough in pictures already. He was SOOO near to us. He was the only one who was not hesitant to step near the edge of the stage, with Eunice practically halfway off the railing and the rest of us on it with our hands in his face. Lol. The 2nd most awesome thing that happened. Eunice stuck the balloon out at him and HE TOOK IT. He sang his line and then gave it back. WAHHHH.

He waved at us before he walked away. He was around our side alot too. He must be sick of our faces already. Lol. His face is like completely beautiful, have i mentioned that already? How can anyone be as perfect as he is?

Siwon :

He was so near to us, also always around our side. I think i stared at his arms a lil too much, but its never enough anyway. 3rd most awesome thing that happened to us, HE RAISED HIS EYEBROWS AT US. Don't really know why, i think we just screamed too loud. But then after he did it, we screamed even louder. Haha.

After that, he shook hands with Yann's side, then he came over on another song and shook hands with ppl next to me. I stretched out as far as i can and TOUCHED HIS THUMB. It was all i could reach. -.- Nvm. After that, he smiled. Wahhh. I think i went completely crazy after.

Yesung :

He was around our side alot too. Poor baby was sick, it broke my heart seeing him like this. He didn't even have strength to climb the stairs. But he's still really gorgeous. I was never a BIG Yesung fan, but now i think i just became one. He's just so precious. All i could do was smile and wave at him, he occasionally looks over and smiles a really small smile.

His voice is simply amazing. It looks like it was hard for him to sing and all that but it still sounded way to good. I think i stared at him with my mouth open alot. He's just so precious. Really handsome in real life.

LeeTeuk :

Never saw much of him. In this picture, it was like the only time he came over until the end of the concert. He's got like the most beautiful, sincere smile ever. It looked like he was genuinely happy to be here, not to say otherwise. When he walked over, i was just so in awe, i completely forgot about my placards. It just not possible to think when you see them so near. His nose is really pretty, LOL. No wait, everything about him was pretty. OH, i heard his voice live for the first time, giving his lil thank you speech, one that i've heard wayyyy too many times through my headphones. And his ridiculous laugh. So adorable.

Sungmin :

There's only one word to describe him that whole night : SEXY. Lol. He didn't come over much, i didn't really see his face closely, he looked really good though.

AH, I analysed his hair when he came over during Don't Don, alot of gel. HAHA. AH i can't get over how good he looks.

I watched him as he fiddled with the little white lights and then picking them up when people threw them. Ahh, so cute! I might have missed alot of other things happening while staring at him. The fans right in front of him were so lucky. But i wouldn't change anything that night.

The only other time i saw him was when they came over and said goodbye. He was wearing his that big yellow specs with his usual aegyo smile. See him at the back looking extremely cute? I think i died all over again. He's definitely the ultimate sweetness.

Heechul :

He.. never came over much. Hmmm. Well, i didn't see him much although i looked at him alot from afar. I couldn't even tell if he was actually happy cause he looked pretty scary the whole concert through. Lol. But as a crazy fan, i know that look. Its just how he is. He was actually nearby during Shining Star, but then when he came over, some fans threw some blue flowers onto the stage. His face that time was amusing; he got annoyed i think and then turned his back on our side. He never looked over no matter how much we screamed. Here's a lesson learnt, never throw stuff at him. During Chu~, he ran across the whole stage with that windmill thing which he fixed and then fell apart again when he reached the stage. LOL.

This was the only time he acknowledged our existence. That.. wave. Lol. Being his usual self. It was enough because we can't really expect him to like smile and wave at us, that's not Heechul.

Kyuhyun :

I absolutely did not remember him doing this but since my friend took this picture, he must have done it while i was looking at someone else (there's 10 freakin ppl on stage la please). He came over quite alot. Danced and jumped around, he looked happy. I can remember his face extremely clearly, with pimples and all. Lol. I never really believed it when Heechul oppa always teases him about his pimples, now i do. Nevertheless, he looked completely good and REALLY fair.

This is probably the best moment in Kristal's life for now. Until a long time to come. During the end, he stood in front of us during Marry U. We waved and screamed and waved and screamed, he actually noded at us a few times and tried to concentrate on the other fans above but then we waved and screamed even more. With Eunice flapping the board vigorously at him, he finally took it. And then we screamed even more. HAHA.

Henry :

Thank you, Malaysian ELFs. I was actually worried about them. It was great how we all screamed for him everytime he came out. He looked really happy this time around. His cheeks are really.. mochi. That's what other people call it. He's tiny in real life. Haha. And really FAIR. Again. So cute. So from that picture, you can once again see how completely nuts we were. When we saw that he was coming over, we all went "HENRY HENRY HENRYYYY!" and pointed at the board. And then he looked over and I swear, he stopped for like a milisecond and read it. Then he smiled, waved and gave us a lil bow. AHHHH.

Zhoumi :

He's so handsome in real life and seriously tall. SO SKINNY. All i looked at during Super Girl was his legs. Eeeshh. Why does he have to have legs like that? Distracted me the whole song. But again, so handsome. And so nice. I don't believe how someone can just not LOVE him. He came back out during the end and when he walked over, we just kept screaming and screaming at him while flapping the board. After what happened with Henry, we couldn't help it. We pretty much ignored the other members who were walking past to get Zhoumi's attention. LOL.

So. I can't seem to get a freakin pic of it. WHY DIDN'T I? Well. I will somehow. SOON. He saw the board, stopped walking and freakin HEARTED US! WAHHH. I cannot imagine how crazy we went. When that happened, i felt that all the money spent on this 3 hours were all completely worth it.

Conclusion : BEST TIME OF MY LIFE.

Disclaimer : Non of these pictures belong to me. Thanks to Eunice, Yann, Jo and whoever else these pictures belongs to. (:


It took me approximately 14 hours to type this post. I just kept re-editing it over and over and this few words are NOTHING compared to everything awesome that happened that night.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥+♥♥= LOVE

1.0 During.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Before the concert started, we went in and they kept playing those random ads from the sponsors. And the ELFs started chanting "SuJu SuJu SuJu" hoping they'll come out soon. It started off with the guest performers, till now i'm not so sure of their names. Thomas and Jack folloed by Iqmal? Is that his name? Nvm. Uhh. I remember thinking one of them, Thomas or Jack were actually really good looking and quite good dancers. At least the fans cheered for them. I think that we were just excited.

The whole concert started with me staring at the back of Hyuk's head. WAHHH. OMG HE WAS SO NEAR! His hair was really interesting at the back. Lol. And according to Jo, that's when we all went batshit crazy. Eunice was practically halfway off the railing. I was torn between looking at Hyuk's back and Ryeowook who was coming down our side. He stopped 2 steps above our row and did this lil dance thing with his hands. Limited space to move around. Gosh, he was just.. *faints*. So perfect (i'm gonna end up using this word alot). Finally the song started playing and Ryeowook came down onto the stage when Hyuk started dancing. Ahhh. I remember his smooth moves and how he spinned around. So.. perfect.

A man in love, followed by U and Twins. I think at that time in the beginning i was just so in awe that i didn't scream much, i just stared at them with my mouth hanging open. It was really hard to concentrate. They keep moving around (duh, jill) and i can't find who i wanted to find if only i knew who i was looking for. I've got wayy too many biases but now, i've got 15. Just great, isn't it?

Watching them dance from the side is so interesting. Despite how i'm watching their backs most of the time. I've got Siwon's, Donghae's and Eunhyuk's back imprinted in my head right now. Sexy arms as well. Watching Heechul dance is.. wow. Its seriously slumber all the time, just like how he danced for the past few years. Lol.

Introduction time. GAH so adorable all of them. I already posted the intros 2 posts before this. It was just a lot of awesome.

SORRY SORRY. I think Jo took this pic because well.. i gave up on the camera right after the first song started. All i did after that was stand on the railing and scream. xD

Now. Fan accounts? The most awesome things happened to us throughout the concert although i think alot of awesome things happened to alot of ppl cause they're all just awesome and awesome only describes like 2% of what they really are.


Still before.

People started lining up and we were just.. sitting there. That's when all the random picture taking happened and i haven't seen a single pic of us, but it'll be real hard to find. Some random girl came up to Jo and asked her if she was from China and then there was this aunty who took a pic of us and then this other camera man told us to stand up to take a picture.. IN KOREAN. Lol. And then he realised we weren't korean. Blehh.

The kononnya cold toilet which was just.. not.

Loitering around the concert ground waiting for it to start.

The board just about says it all.

SIWON OPPA! I touched his thumb!


This will take awhile.
Trying my best not to forget.
I made sure i was gonna look at every single detail.
But once you're inside with 10+2 ppl on one stage,
Its merely impossible.

Now i can proudly say,
I know how its like to be in love.


Let's start from scratch.

They let us sign on their uhh.. banner? We had a short conversation with the girl who thought we were korean too. Unfortunately, i have no idea what this fan club is. Forgive me.

Kristal's says : "Kyu, I ate your starcraft." LOL.


These were the girls from Thailand who were giving out 12plus stuff and FINO pamphlets to fellow ELFs. Initially she came over..

"Where are you from?"
"Uh. Ipoh. (confused look on her face). Malaysia."
"Oh okay. Who's your favourite member?"

She names hers and i named mine. Suddenly she came back with the 12plus bottles. AHH. I was so touched but couldn't express myself well. So we went to take a picture with them. :)

This was how it looked when we first arrived. Those who were camping and sitting in line for the rockpitt. It was already super hot that time. I have sunburns all over my back and shoulders from standing in the sun for A VERY LONG TIME and as you can tell, i didn't actually have anything to cover my shoulders with. Now my arms are in shades of pink and brown.
I'm not complaining.


Kristal and those flowers are from a Hee fan club i assume.

There was a cake at the concert grounds for the 3 members that were not there. Awww. The green dragon's Hankyung, Kibum's in the centre and that Kangin the Bull. GAH I MISS THEM.

I'll have to continue in the next post cause this is getting too long and the comp is going crazy. Like i am.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

This is how much i can remember, as long as possible but new memories keep popping up the more i see.


It was all worth it.

Full report on it.. soon.


Intro's (i'm going in the order of the real thing, and you know what? I WAS THERE) :

Siwon : The Living Work of Art
Heechul : The Dangerous Cinderella
Kyuhyun : Hottest Baby
Yesung : The Bubble Boy
Ryeowook : Lovable Blurness
Sungmin : Ultimate Sweetness
Eunhyuk : Bejeweled
Donghae : Sexy Fishy
Shindong : Cutie Pie
Leeteuk : Fallen Angel

These were so loltastic, gawd they're just so much love.

Greens and purples.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have a look at my mum's photographing skills. LOL.

No, we're usually not such posers.

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