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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Before the concert started, we went in and they kept playing those random ads from the sponsors. And the ELFs started chanting "SuJu SuJu SuJu" hoping they'll come out soon. It started off with the guest performers, till now i'm not so sure of their names. Thomas and Jack folloed by Iqmal? Is that his name? Nvm. Uhh. I remember thinking one of them, Thomas or Jack were actually really good looking and quite good dancers. At least the fans cheered for them. I think that we were just excited.

The whole concert started with me staring at the back of Hyuk's head. WAHHH. OMG HE WAS SO NEAR! His hair was really interesting at the back. Lol. And according to Jo, that's when we all went batshit crazy. Eunice was practically halfway off the railing. I was torn between looking at Hyuk's back and Ryeowook who was coming down our side. He stopped 2 steps above our row and did this lil dance thing with his hands. Limited space to move around. Gosh, he was just.. *faints*. So perfect (i'm gonna end up using this word alot). Finally the song started playing and Ryeowook came down onto the stage when Hyuk started dancing. Ahhh. I remember his smooth moves and how he spinned around. So.. perfect.

A man in love, followed by U and Twins. I think at that time in the beginning i was just so in awe that i didn't scream much, i just stared at them with my mouth hanging open. It was really hard to concentrate. They keep moving around (duh, jill) and i can't find who i wanted to find if only i knew who i was looking for. I've got wayy too many biases but now, i've got 15. Just great, isn't it?

Watching them dance from the side is so interesting. Despite how i'm watching their backs most of the time. I've got Siwon's, Donghae's and Eunhyuk's back imprinted in my head right now. Sexy arms as well. Watching Heechul dance is.. wow. Its seriously slumber all the time, just like how he danced for the past few years. Lol.

Introduction time. GAH so adorable all of them. I already posted the intros 2 posts before this. It was just a lot of awesome.

SORRY SORRY. I think Jo took this pic because well.. i gave up on the camera right after the first song started. All i did after that was stand on the railing and scream. xD

Now. Fan accounts? The most awesome things happened to us throughout the concert although i think alot of awesome things happened to alot of ppl cause they're all just awesome and awesome only describes like 2% of what they really are.


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