Sunday, June 20, 2010

OMG i think i fell in love again, i'm sorry to say but this is going to be one whole fangirling post. I mean, after touching them (lol) its just not possible to not go crazy.

Okay. Breath. They're all just so beautiful in real life. Maybe this actually applies to ALL korean super stars. I didn't think i'd be this crazy when i walked into the hall but yeah. I was conveniently seated next to the PA system and i kinda well.. stared at the ajusshi-s sitting there doing their stuff and then suddenly this one guy with his walkie talkie said that U-KISS was coming, my heart stopped beating. And well.. a lot of screaming happened. I couldn't even wrap my head around the fact that they were indeed standing in front of me on stage being beautiful and all. They are definitely different kind of band, they were all so freakin happy and their endorphins radiated all throughout the hall and the next thing i knew, i was actually happy. Really happy. (:

In the beginning while the place was pretty much empty.

This was taken after they disappeared for a break before coming back out for the fan-signing.

Uhh. Thinking about it is making my hands all shaky again. So anyway, they played games and all with the girls who are currently the happiest fangirls alive or something dammit i want to be them. Oh well. Then they sang and all, they sound so good and Kevin's voice is even more adorable when you hear him live. I couldn't keep my eyes off Kisoep whom i fell in love with even more. Why am i typing all these nonsense? THE POINT IS. I TOUCHED THEM.

So the fan-signing started and they were all so freakin adorable although i'm pretty sure i mentioned that already, they were all teasing us with their heart signs and Soohyun who took off his performing outfit and which where Eli followed soon after EKJTIRUHGJRE so they sent the girls up and we just sat there and watched , it seemed like nobody else noticed but i DEFINITELY saw Kibum hug one girl, ish that lucky girl. I couldn't keep my eyes off Soohyun who was just being so absolutely adorable with his small actions and whispering i love you to the passing fangirls and pouting when noone heard him or when he stuck out his hand to hi5 them but they just walked pass him HOW COULD THEY?

Okay. By the time i stood in line to wait for my turn on stage, my legs were shaking, one hand sweating, one hand just really cold. The only thought i had in my head while on my way up was "Touch them touch them touch them." LOL. I didn't come all the way here to NOT touch them. I got my album from Eli. Let tell you how that few seconds passed although it felt like an eternity to me. I don't expect anyone to read this, its for my own memory's sake.

I walked up to him, looked at Xander first (even though he was second in line) then i stopped in front of Eli because the girl in front of me completely ignored him and passed her gift to Xander (even though we were apparently not allowed to). I looked at Eli, his eyes WOW okay reminds self to breath, no eye makeup btw. I reached out both my hands to him (idiot why didn't i say something?) and i swear he gave me a small smile before he gave it to me and i managed to stick my hand out at him in which where he looked at it for awhile before he shook it, it felt like forever but i think it was just a few miliseconds long or something. So they girl in front if me just got her album by the time i stopped gawking at Eli, while Xander passed out the album to the girl in front of me, i actually grabbed his hand before moving on (i'm not crazy, i just really really like him) he must've thought i was a freak or something, LOL.

I looked at Kisoep's hair, my brain did not function in time for me to find his face, totally blanked pass Kevin and Dongho (i'm so sorry and you don't know how much i regret it) and saw Kibum who apparently wasn't looking at me even though i stuck my hand out at him, chih. LOL. And then i was like 'SOOHYUN!' in my head, i didn't dare to look at him or something (slaps self) so i actually hit his hand before i looked up at him where he was smiling and all oh so beautiful i still remember how his hand felt on mine, it was kinda small for a guy's hand it was like.. warm. *faints* I would've screamed on stage if i could but i wobbled down the stairs trying really hard to walk but seriously, my legs were just shaking.

The guards then kicked us outta the hall. HMPH. We went out and tried to process everything that just happened. GAH. And when we finally got to thinking again, we have to go inside. There was a guard at the door actually but my sister said we were looking for something so he just let us in. So we went in and i continued watching them. They took a group photo and then left. I was just like NOOOOOO watching them disappear backstage.

OH right. Mike Campton was there and he was like totally cute in real life and REALLY tall, 191cm apparently and i think i have this mini mini crush on him but he was so cute okay shut up jill.

I managed to tell him that i watch his show every week in, which is quite true actually because there's always nothing else to watch. Have i mentioned that he's really cute? ^^

Oh wait. Seeing them at the fanmeeting was NOT the only thing that happened. Actually, the highlight of the day was my first ever fan account with them. OMG that was the best and stupidest moment of my life in which where i still wanna strangle myself and throw myself off the twin towers for being so absolutely stupid about it. GAH.

Okay. So we went to the hotel and waited awhile to see if they were coming back and that evil ajusshi actually told us that they won't be coming back until midnight in which where he obviously lied because I SAW THEM. We walked out the door to head back to KLCC actually, but at that moment, a few Serena-s came and stopped with their tinted windows and all, i knew something was up but i never would've believed that it was them. The manager came out of the first van and i was like 'i definitely recognize him' (he was in front of me quite alot actually) and then ELI stepped out of his van and i just.. stared. and stared. and stared. Until my brain came back to life, i called Jo over and then out came the rest of them.

OMG i think i really just died, i was so stunned that no voice came out even, i didn't manage to do anything but stare until Kevin waved at us saying hi with 2 hands, how much more adorable can he get ahhhh and well. Kibum walked pass and they all started moving, and that's where i suddenly regained my senses and shouted 'Enjoy your stay here!' I swear to you the sentence i had in my head was definitely longer and then Kibum decides to turn around and HE SMILED AT ME that beautiful blinding smile ahhhh *dies and comes back from the grave* Now that think about it, i vaguely remember Dongho turning and smiling too but i think i kinda stopped thinking already. && then, they were almost through the doors by then and Soohyun turned around for that one second and smirked/smiled at us with the security guard pushing him in and all, he's so sweet. That's when i concluded, i'm in love all over again.

Okay. So that was like the 2nd best day of my life (i'm sorry, i'm forever an ELF first) and I'll never never forget this. EVER.

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