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Monday, January 31, 2011


Day 1 :

I did after all come searching for an adventure and SS3 is the best first adventure here ever. It was alot of walking, sitting on really hard ground, sleeping on fliers, being under the rain at 4am and nowhere much to go. It was alot of sacrificing and i think i can still say that going through all that was still pretty much worth it. I know, the kind of love i have for these 13 men in a idol group scares me too, but i'm proud of it.

We reached spore at about 7 and headed over to the stadium at about 9.30pm. We were hungry and didn't know where to go. We snooped around a lil and almost got caught for breaking in to the stadium. Eekk. That was a lil scary. After eating (expensive food), we settled next to a wall and spent the whole night there. I took the first train back, got freshened up, rushed all the way back.. to sit in line again. -.-

After being tagged and brought to toilet breaks, running around for 15 minutes trying to get some free stuff, we were finally let in. Ran around the pit trying to pick a spot to stand, decided to be right in the front and well.. waited.

It started, i used my throat wrongly, now it hurts whenever i try to raise my voice, not that i would need it much now until SS3 Msia. (:

They came out with Sorry Sorry Remixed which is all sexy and all. And i really can't recall much but i definitely watched all the choreography from up close and damn they're sexy expressions. Screamed my head off for Henry and Zhoumi because i think the crowd weren't nice enough to them (as usual) and they deserve all the love from me. ^^ The crowd definitely loved 'Baby' though. Zhoumi was all sexy and long legged for his solo with his flippy hair and eyeliner. At the end when they were saying goodbye, Kyu even came out and made fun of his dance.

I think it was during 'No Other' when Kyu came and stood in front of us for awhile. That glamorously beautiful smirk he gave us when he was going away was just.. scream inducing. He did his cute lil waving thing and then well.. left.

This was the most.. memorable moment. Ever. I was completely blinded by his beautiful shining smile and he was just being all.. Teukie. *swoons*

Heechul was sooooooooo.. beautiful. Gah. There was alot of moments with Donghae and Siwon when they were supposed to be dancing, he just keeps shooting them smiles at them and I wanna like.. grab his off stage or something.

Kyu came behind Teukie and hid for awhile while Teukie was still waving. Sighssss.

There's alot to mention but i really don't think i can and everything in this post is already at random. So here goes some random. Zhoumi's legs are like half the size of the girl dancers. Sungmin didn't pull off his shirt which was slightly disappointing. However, seeing the whole thing from up close was just.. breathtaking. It was a lil too much for my innocent heart to handle.

Hyuk was as usual, sexy during the duet. I freakin saw him tear off the front of his shirt. Whhoooot. I think i almost died. Shindong ran over a few times, he was his usual self, happy. Most annoying part was that they barely walked pass us. Sighsss.

Siwon. BWAHAHAHA. Kristal and I had many umm.. moments together staring at Siwon. Its not my fault, he wasn't wearing a shirt. I tried really hard to stop watching him. If its any consolation to myself, i did stop after uhh.. hips. HAHA. Then looking at Yesung and Sungmin wasn't much difference anyway. GAH. I'm going outta my brains now.

There were some pretty good quotes from Yann and Eunice with all the time we spent together hobo-ing at the stadium, some that goes along the line of 'did you take drugs?' Lol.

Oh, and we took pictures in the middle of the street at 3 in the morning, running around because Yann was scared of standing at the middle of the cross section on the road. Fun times.

Despite being super tired, having bruises on my knees, on my arms, on my chest from leaning against the railing so much, i did enjoy almost every moment of it.

Day 2 coming right up. (:

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