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Friday, February 25, 2011

By the time i leave this place, my resentment for kids will be at the highest point and at that moment, I will never be able to deal with any ever again. Ever. Maybe forever. Even the cute ones are just so.. meh.

I want them to just like. Disappear. Really. I'm mean. I know. There's this thing called privacy. Yeah, that thing. I need it. Now go away. Its as simple as that. My patience is wearing thin.

Works been surprisingly okay. The first two days were the death of me but now it feels like the most normal thing I do. Stand around everyday.

I make mistakes. New mistakes, new lessons. I've learnt many.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today I got free ice cream.
Today I listened to my colleagues talk about kissing their tall boyfriends and the first time they did.. it (in their words). 15 is.. young.
Today I moped about not being able to see se7en.
Today I moped about not going to SS3 Malaysia.
Today I moped about how I still don't have 470$.
Today I might've enjoyed my day.
Today I'm still alive.

Tomorrow.. Let's hope I'm still alive.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've worked 2 days, messed up more than i can remember. I never thought it'd be easy. But still.. I suddenly realised that in the end i still chose a job where there is no 남자. Oh well. There's alot who walk pass everyday. Some really.. 즐거움. The hair especially.

When i'm not trying to memorize the colour of the shirt and where its placed, i just stand and.. watch. Sighsss.


So. I can finally cut the 'go to uniqlo' off my to-do-list.

No, i didn't buy it. T_T I secretly took a picture of it. I WILL buy it when I have the money to. God please let it still be there when I get my pay. Sighs. It was so hard to walk away from it.

오빠 야, 기다려.

Relax, I'll be there.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I.. am still in Singapore. I still sleep so late and wake up so late. Today I walked the kids the school. I wonder how old was I when I went to tuition without my mum walking me in. Come to think of it, I don't think she ever did. I never had much tuition anyway. Doesn't this already show how much slightly stupider i am? What am i talking about now. Ish.

Today i heard the kid shouting at my grandfather. I was this close to going out there and giving her a huge slap on her face, helping her learn to respect. Omg i'm gonna be a terrible aunt to my sister and friends' kids. Let me apologize beforehand.

Today i went for a traumatizing interview and walked around the same mall, the same floor, 4 times. Then i took half an hour to go to another mall to do the same thing. Alone.

This.. sky garden thing. It took me an hour to get to this mall. It was apparently very 'in' in Singapore. Is that like a cool Singaporean term? It wasn't too bad. There were a lot of.. students. Young, happy, smiling, slightly annoying. There was this group of friends in the shop.

Girl : See this. Isn't this cute? 16.90$ leh. You can put this in an envolope and pass it to her.
Boy : What is it? No need lah. I can ask my friend to give it to her.
Girl 2 : Why are you buying something for her? Is she going oversees?

Anyway, the point to that conversation is how it makes me nostalgic. Going to school, asking your friend to pass present to the person. Sighs. I feel old all over again.

Lou sang? Yeah. I think i.. need that 10As. T_T Sighss.

오늘 송중기 만났다. 인사 수가 없었어. 내가슬픈지.

그리워요. 집.


Friday, February 4, 2011


Day 2 :

I'm just gonna randomly mention things in this post now.

Lets see how it got started. We woke up early, sent my friends off to the bus station. We were one stop away from the Stadium, it would've been completely stupid to not go there. The main point was initially to just collect Wookie stuff for Kristal and ourselves. And then we reach and.. things happened. Haha. We were inquiring at the counter about the tickets, 20% off kononnya. We left the counter to umm.. count if we actually had enough money to buy the tickets. While we were slightly busy counting, an Indonesian girl came over and asked us if we wanted to buy her tickets for 250$. We were like.. 'why not?' Lol.

She disappeared after awhile because apparently Suju just arrived at the stadium for rehersal. Might i remind you that during all of these events, the rain was still falling. -.- After everything, all we could come up with was 240$. She kindly accepted it. I felt slightly bad.

We hung around that creepy mall opposite the stadium for the whole afternoon until we had to go in. We had absolutely no money left for anything. All we had were coins, even lunch was a problem. At that moment, it didn't matter much. (:

Min's pretending to sing Yesung's part when they all stuffed his face with mics. There was alot of nonsensical english from them. Stuff like 'Are you happy? Am i happy? I am happy. We all happy." Or things like 'You want water? You want towel? You want money? HAHAHA.' And more 'I love Singapore.' And 'What's up, Singapore?' I think it was almost all they could say.

They were seriously happy that day, completely hyper. They ran around alot, played with the fans alot, messed around with each other alot, took alot of pictures. Sighs. Of course i wish it was me, it'd always be 10 tens better if it was me, but right now, i'm just gonna settle with being able to see them smile in the first place. Real, genuine smiles. So precious to me, all of them. (:

Heechul was also (finally) happy. He posed for pictures, talked to his fans, played around with a jjinbbang fan that he got. Gah. His smile was just.. *faints*. It was such a sight, he walked around with a smile on his face and all. I tried to keep my eyes on his the whole show through but Hae kept distracting me. Yes, i can actually love all of them that much. It's awesome. Them, i mean.

Hyuk was just being his usual self. Playful, shy, teasing. Haha. And naked Siwon from the front is all kinds of awesome. I tell myself all the time that someday, just someday, i'm gonna have to get used to it. But that day's not going to be soon.

At the end, they did their infamous, thumbs up and kissing thing. I think they all directed the kiss to Hyuk. *flails* After the 3 of them left, Hae was still standing there and he said "Give me the music." Wahhhhh. So adorableee.

Post concert face. (: We walked out into the rain again after that. -.- Oh, with the goodie bag of course. Which has a weird looking blue lightstick in it and some funny hand slapping thing in a transparent bag that says Super Junior. I left the stadium contented. Everytime i pass by the Stadium MRT station, i'm so tempted to just go down and wait for another Super Junior concert. SS3 Malaysia, please happen. >_<

It's all good. For now.

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