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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I.. am still in Singapore. I still sleep so late and wake up so late. Today I walked the kids the school. I wonder how old was I when I went to tuition without my mum walking me in. Come to think of it, I don't think she ever did. I never had much tuition anyway. Doesn't this already show how much slightly stupider i am? What am i talking about now. Ish.

Today i heard the kid shouting at my grandfather. I was this close to going out there and giving her a huge slap on her face, helping her learn to respect. Omg i'm gonna be a terrible aunt to my sister and friends' kids. Let me apologize beforehand.

Today i went for a traumatizing interview and walked around the same mall, the same floor, 4 times. Then i took half an hour to go to another mall to do the same thing. Alone.

This.. sky garden thing. It took me an hour to get to this mall. It was apparently very 'in' in Singapore. Is that like a cool Singaporean term? It wasn't too bad. There were a lot of.. students. Young, happy, smiling, slightly annoying. There was this group of friends in the shop.

Girl : See this. Isn't this cute? 16.90$ leh. You can put this in an envolope and pass it to her.
Boy : What is it? No need lah. I can ask my friend to give it to her.
Girl 2 : Why are you buying something for her? Is she going oversees?

Anyway, the point to that conversation is how it makes me nostalgic. Going to school, asking your friend to pass present to the person. Sighs. I feel old all over again.

Lou sang? Yeah. I think i.. need that 10As. T_T Sighss.

오늘 송중기 만났다. 인사 수가 없었어. 내가슬픈지.

그리워요. 집.

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