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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Part II.

After standing and being squashed for about 3 hours, finally something happened.
Local acts.

I have no idea who he is but his song was called "Cerita Batinku", something like that? The song is screamy and he's trying to be all cool messing with the mic stand but really.. not cool.

She was cool, good singer, don't know who she is either. I liked her best though. The long-haired guitarist looked like a real young boy. Kinda cute la.

She sang Mercy. I already don't like Mercy but well. I feel bad for them. I wasn't even listening half attentively to them. I was only concerned about how my shoulder hurts and how i can't feel like leg and how the girl next to me kept pushing me.

She was the first to come up. She tried to get the crowd to jump but i think they just stared up at her blankly. Lol. Poor girl. There was no space to stand, I don't think jumping would have been a good idea.

She was cool too. I liked her song and once again, I have no idea who she is.

How nice of me to put one post up just for the local acts. Lol.

I think they finally decided to push Suju M up because apparently after that, Hujan and Kristal(?) was gonna come up but the crowd was really just.. Elfs. (:

Its currently 3am and I'm still pretty much awake but I'll write part III (and the most important part) tomorrow and I pray I dream of Min later. ᄏᄏᄏ

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