Himpunan Sejuta Belia

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Part I.

We reached about 3.30pm(?) and on our way there, the drove past us, that woke me up immediately, my heart rate was already getting extremely abnormal, i only managed to catch a glimpse of Henry's backup dancer. -.- They were driving so fast anyway, about 5-6 seven seaters, all the windows tinted and covered.

Walked in and tried to find the main stage (there were few sad small stages with random ppl playing) and immediately when we neared, we heard the screams. Started running, stood outside the barricades and there they were. From the side, we can see Kyu and Hyuk backstage doing rehersals. At that moment, it hasn't really hit me that 'Oh, i'm looking at Hyuk right now. He's standing right there with his black fedora and black V-neck, with Kyu sitting down, messy hair, looking real thin, and just.. singing.' It was.. wow. Then we heard Zhou Mi, he was wearing a very fashionable denim sleeveless jacket, superbly tall, perfect hair. Then Henry's backup dancers, who i saw in the van, came out, they rehearsed with Henry watching them from backstage in his trademark white cap and red-white stripped shirt. Don't ask me why i have to mention what they're all wearing.

That's Henry backstage watching his dancers. Dancing along at some point, completely adorable.

They didn't let us into the front where the stage is, only after the launching which starts at 5. So we.. finally tore ourselves away from the stage and wondered around for awhile. There was alot of things going on, alot of things on sale and alot of people.

This was taken when in the beginning, when we were not dying yet. But it was hot. Very hot. Then it drizzled for awhile. -.-

The launching started, finally. Followed by alot of speeches and other random stuff. We did sing Negaraku and I did listen to our PM's speech about "Youth is not about the future. Youth is about today. Hari ini." and on and on about how we will be seated in one of the parlimen seats in the future and how we will protect Putrajaya. Uhh. Yeah, sure.

Then we walked away and they did alot of other stuff while we sat there and watched the tent. Lol. For artists. It was really funny when at some point, they tied the doors up, it was as if they didn't have enough ppl to guard the doors to prevent ppl from going in.

The launching ended with there paragliders flying over with their coloured smokes. That part was pretty cool.

Soon after, the launching was over and we tried to get in. And that's where we started dying. We finally got in and.. stuck. Stuck there standing in the middle of the crowd and not being able to move. Or breathe. There was no space, no air, just ppl. Alot of ppl and BO. Sighs. The things we do for the people we love.

And the wait started. Sighs.

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