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Saturday, May 14, 2011

I got on the most interesting lift yesterday. Its almost antique, this lift. It was at a surprisingly busy part of Singapore. Lets not go into detail on why i was there.

When i walked into the building, there's this weird buttons that looked like up and down. I was slightly flustered when i couldn't press any of the buttons. Creepily, one of the lift doors was open. I quickly step in when i heard someone approaching, so i didn't look so jakun.

You see those black buttons with the numbers that indicate which floor you're heading to, yeah, those are kinda creepy. I was going to the 5th floor. The second you press the button (it sinks in and does not come back out until the lift reaches the floor), the door immediately closes (really fast, it kinda scared the crap outta me) and just goes up. There isn't a open and close button. When the door opens at the 5th floor, it stays open. Lol. It stays open until someone else presses another floor. OOH. And it also has 2 doors. You walk in one and out the other.

Lol. One awesome post just for this interesting lift.


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