Hello, 2012.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye, 2011. 

There's been too many pictures here. Now's one with none. There's about 45 minutes before the first day of 2012 ends. It feels a little bit scary, a little bit exciting. Mostly scary though. 

2011 have been a good year, it might not be great, but it wasn't bad. Just a short reflective moment. I survived the first quarter of the year in Singapore. It was a great experience, full of crazy anxiety, tiring walks, serious exercising, long working days although it was short lived, great loneliness and fun solo times. Then, I got the results of SPM which supposedly changes my life. I am proud, I am suprised, I'm so thankful for that 10A's. 

Finally came back from Singapore and straight into another adventure. Its amusing for the adventure here at Subang started at Genting, and I ended the year there too. This whole girlfriend experience, its exciting, its tiring, its amusing, its sad, its happy, I wouldn't change a thing.

College. Hmmm.
I thank God for Jo, no way I would've survived.
I thank God for Kristal, no way I would've survived.

College, social wise, was.. terrible. College, academic wise, was a challenge. But I am glad that my futile efforts paid off in the end. I learnt so much from the social science class and FINALLY learnt proper English and writing. Another sem to go. Sighs. Hang in there, self. 


2012 Resolutions : 

1. I will treat people with respect, and I will be treated with respect.
2. Love your neighbor as yourself. -Mark 12:31
3. "To walk in the fear of God for all the days of your life."

I'll make mistakes, I'll learn, I'll live, I'll love.

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